My Judges Top 5 Selections For Week 24 of SGL!

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Here we are at week 24, I can't believe that week 26 is the half way to a year mark for us and were almost there! None of this would be possible without our amazing entrants, you guys put on one hell of a show each and every week and I simply cannot thank you enough for putting yourselves and your work out there.

It was really nice to see some new faces again, I love seeing our little SGL family grow and best of all it was fantastic to see our amazing entrants supporting one and other - this is what SGL was created for, a place for musicians to come and share their love of music and it's fantastic to see that happening <3

Without further delays here is my judges top 5 for week 24 of SGL!

First Place:

@montycashmusic - Sonic Groove Live Week 24 - Original Song - The Big Bad Wolf

Firstly I have to mention that I happened upon you leaving positive comments on other entrants posts, but not only their posts... pretty sure I saw you leaving comments on youtube as well - I just couldn't let it go without saying a massive thank you for supporting our amazing community, this is what SGL is all about bringing musicians together to support each other!

Now as for the music I was completely captivated by your entry this week, it was so unique in it's structure and delivery - it was impossible not to be hooked from the instant you started, better yet it held me throughout I was never quiet sure where it would go next.

There is just so much to unpack with a performance and composition like this, I may jump all over the place with this - but for me one of the paramount features of your composition would be the interesting use of "boing boing boing" and "dangle dangle dangle" this was freakin brilliant, it created such an amazing feel to the song worked so bloody well and I honestly don't think I've heard that used before (over say the ohh's and ahh's that tend to flood mainstream music).

I would also like to try and list just a few of the interesting and creative vocal techniques being used throughout this performance, in the very first sentence you use vocal slide with breaks, you have a staccato vocal style with an almost reggae feel, there's some vocal growl or fry, your use of breath for effect, there's what I like to call a vocal roll, not to mention that stunning juxtaposition of low to stunning high's.

You have created a really amazing song here, with a lot variety and complexity weaved throughout - I could go on about the lyrics for some time, there's a lot to break down there.

But for now I will mention a few favourite lyrics, "I do pieces on climate change, Yet I claim my work is not political", "In the depths of the well, ropes are hanging there I see your true selves, hiding in the blue", I am a massive fan of songs that make you think and that can be interpreted differently by individuals - you have done so well with the lyrics alone it's hard to narrow it down.

Your playing is impeccable and nothing seemed out of place, so if you did make some improvisations it wasn't clear from the viewers perspective - that is the tell tale of a great performer, when they know they've made a mistake or changed something from rehearsal that just seems to work and flow naturally.

I was absolutely blown away by this performance, I am fast becoming a fan of your work - I just love hearing this and wish I knew it well enough to sing along with you, another marker for a fantastic song.

All round a brilliant composition, love the melody the temp and style uses - there is just so much jammed into this song, yet nothing feels misplaced or overdone. Just a fantastic performance and I cannot wait to hear and see more!

Second Place:

@danaidhbee - Sonic Groove Live Week 24 - Stay Here - A Danaidhbee Original

The music just captivated me, you make that guitar sing my friend and I just couldn't get enough of it - what an amazing composition and performance.

The intro on guitar was just stunning and only got better with time, you create such in immense and full sound with the guitar alone - it really is an incredible skill and then you add those stunning vocals and you really just take things to a whole other level.

I am always drawn to the vocals above all else and in this case you didn't let me down, you have such a clear tone with a beautiful warmth to it - then those stunning held notes just really took it away, I was again wanting to sing along with you.

Simple but powerful lyrics really bring the whole piece together and I love how the held vocal notes really highlight and feature well with the guitar, it creates this amazing addition to the music with your voice alone - it almost act's like an additional instrument, when most vocals layer on top of as an extra layer but separate from the tune.

It all comes together so perfectly, I just really adored every damned second of that performance and really can't wait to see and hear more soon!

Third Place:

@origen1618 - Sonic Groove Live Week #24 "Sobrevivire" -Cover-

Oh the music had me, such a soft and sweet intro was just impossible to pass up - then you started singing and I knew this was going to be stunning and you did not let us down!

Your playing is so gentle it perfectly matches the tone your setting with the melody, but I love that the focus is on the vocals and the guitar almost disappears at times - it is not the focus the words and the feeling are paramount here.

In the moments of silence when all focus falls back on the guitar, I have to say it creates this stunning contrast between the moments - adding this beautiful sweetness to the feel and reinforcing the emotion again.

I just can't get over how emotional this song is and how powerfully presented it was, I really loved every second of that performance and as always I can't wait for more!

Fourth Place:

@lorenzopistolesi - Sonic Groove Live week 24 - La meccanica del cuore - The mechanics of the heart #Go2DTubeForum

Beginning with the clean and crisp guitar, coupled with the understated vocals in a lower tone created a really unique and interesting feel to this song - then you just took things to a whole other level when you pumped up those vocals.

I was really intrigued with the overall tone and feel of this composition, but I was completely thrown when you brought in the Kazoo just so unexpected - I also have to say this has to be one of the most unique uses of a Kazoo I have ever seen, most people I have seen are using them for comic purposes but this just legit worked and what's more it worked well!

I really couldn't help but bop along as you continued playing, there was an infectious energy with this composition and I really enjoyed every single moment - I love the contrasting sounds and tones and delivery methods used throughout.

All around an amazing composition and performance, a massive welcome to SGL I know we all can't wait to see and hear more from you in the future!

Fifth Place:

@leomolina - Sonic Groove Live Week 24 - "Sonic Groove 24" (Original HipHop)

Well this was unlike anything I've really been sent in all my years judging music contests on this blockchain, I have never once had a single entrant include their video intro in their actual lyrics - incorporating it into the actual fabric of the song, to be fair this is about the limit of my understanding of the language so I really appreciate the lyrics for translating purposes.

Now I will mention that google translate does tend to mess with intent and meaning at times when translating, but I like to think I can dig through that to find the common thread and deduce what was intended when it's clear google has taken some liberties with intent - I have to say from what I got I feel as though this is a powerful anthem about finding one's self and being true to that.

I really loved every damned second of that performance, you displayed amazing flow whilst managing to stay on point and I really loved hearing you sing in between rapping - it really added a lot of depth to this composition, I really just can't say enough about it. Just a fantastic effort and I really hope to see and hear more from you soon!

There you have it guys another amazing week of entries, I really struggled with my top placements this week with some serious reshuffles until the end - so I really must implore you all to go and check out all our amazing performers this week, there are some seriously kick ass entries out there.

A massive thank you to the SGL team this week @isaria and @zipporah, be sure to head over and check out their reviews - and as always a huge thanks to our sponsor and witness @ausbitbank!

Alright well until next week, keep groovin!


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