Sonic Groove Live #19 - Cabin Fever ( A Danaidhbee Original - First Entry :) )

in sgl •  13 days ago 

Hey Guys

This is my first entry for the Sonic Groove Live contest.

I recently heard about Steemit and Sonic Groove from a friend who also regularly enters SGL .

For my first entry I am playing a original song I wrote when I was around 20 years old,its called Cabin Fever.

Check it out...

Cabin Fever

Cabin fever is teasing me, its go'n messing with my head,
And i don't know, what you're thinking but, you and i know its so bad, so bad.
There's no laughter, just your hatred,
I'm singing your life and time you've just gone and wasted,
Now i'm sweating more than i can dry,
And i'm trying so much harder than i could ever try, than i can try
Cabin fever's teasin me, for bein real and needin freedom,
Reasons we need and see, feel and be and follow,
Cabin fever's squeezin me, for seein people being feeble,
Im keepin real and feelin keen, they're fake and fools and hollow) oh oh oh

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I should really get into @sonicgroovelive. I did over 100 entries for the old @openmic contest, but have got out of the habit recently. I am playing at pub sessions and writing more songs recently. It's a matter of fitting everything in.

Hey Steevc yeah man you should jump into the Sonic Groove contest it would be interesting to see what song you post for a first entry.

Hi danaidhbee,

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I loved your music because it has a lot of energy and is wonderful. I wish you all the best in the Sonic Groove Live contest. A big hello @danaidhbee

Hello! thank you for your kind replies and wishes, I wish you all the best too...

Beautiful voice, I love the mastery you have with your instrument and the lyrics, I hope to continue listening to your good music. I congratulate you on your art and curie vote. My compliments.

hello! thank you for your comments, I certainly feel welcome on steemit, lots of good things and people here!

hi dear @danaidhbee, great sound for your entry into sonic groove live;)) keep on !! good luck and all the best for you !! congratulations on your curie vote

hey thanks, nice to be here! still new to me, but glad to be sharing music with other musicians and steemit folk :)

This is so cool :)!

Thank you!:)