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@Acidyo, I, and the rest of the Steemit community are currently creating the biggest prize pool ever seen on Steemit. At least I think so. The current prize pool can be seen at Acidyos savings. At the moment the prize pool is 659.665 STEEM, which now equals to 705 $. The prize pool will of course increase in dollars over time if the price of STEEM increases. The prize pool is based on two weekly posts made by @arsenal49, therefore the prize pool will also continue to increase in STEEM.

The prize pool is part of "The Steemit Fantasy League". The Steemit Fantasy League is a league in the official Premier League Fantasy Game. The Premier League Fantasy Game has more than eight million participants this year, but they are not aware that another prize pool might end being bigger than the official one. If the support from the Steemit community will continue and the price of STEEM will increase, it might actually happen.

We have passed week 7 out of 38 weeks of the game which, as written, equals into almost 660 STEEM. If that trend continues we will end up with a prize pool of 3564 STEEM. At the current price of STEEM that will end up being 3813 $. As the game does not end until the end of may, we hopefully see the price of STEEM increasing a lot before that. With the arrival of SMT in 2018, we believe the chances are good. If the price of STEEM goes to 2,5 $ pr STEEM, the prize pool will be 8910 $. 2,5 seems realistic to happen within the next 7 months. Let's imagine the best. Let's imagine STEEM goes to 5 $. That would take the prize pool to 17820 $. If that happens, there's not only beneficial for the participants in this league but benefit the whole community.


The Premier League is something a lot of sports interested fancy. Acidyo decided to create this game to add a little bit more fun to the game. He thought it would be great fun to create a league for Steemit users only. Games like these are great for the community. They are exclusive for Steemit users, and bonds the community in a great way. None of the users participating have to pay anything to take part, and therefore it's a win/win.


This game and prize pool is ONLY available for users on Steemit.


When the game is over, the prize pool has been split amongst the winners, another game begins. The Game of Marketing. I believe there is huge marketing potential in this. The interest for Premier League is huge, and so is the Premier League Fantasy Game. If the prize pool ends up being a huge success, which it actually already is, we could use this case to promote Steemit within the sports community outside of Steemit. Let's continue this post in the comments. What do you guys think the potential could be if this game ends up being just as rewardable as the official game?

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I was talking to @acidyo on his twitch page last week about the potential size of the rewards pot. Absolutely huge! The great thing is that i will be shared between almost all of the participants in the league due to the rewards structure he has layed out. Great stuff @arsenal49 and @acidyo!


Cool that you guys talked about it on his twitch! Yes. It's awesome that almost everybody will get a piece of the cake, and hopefully even no. 25 will get a great deal of STEEM :)


I think I am currently out of the money! Haha

It sucks to be bad at FPL XD


yes, lol, not having the best start at it. 6/7 captain blanks so far.



Huge rewards on offer here for doing what we love, Fantasy Football!

You guys rock @acidyo @arsenal49 - I need to improve my performance though. Steem On and Thanks for that great competition.


Cool bro x)


You're welcome. We are happy you like it! :)

Hello @arsenal49 amazing posting you good please you vote me and follow @bilqis07

Woot! I'm really thrilled of this league and what you guys put together .
I see the league ending at 5000 Steem. I'm 18th right now but I'm aiming for a place in the top 10 at the end, to be modest. (I want top 3)
How you doin'so far , @arsenal49 ?


My last round was horrible so I am not doing good. I should have had Lukaku or Kane, but I have had none of them. I think I am in top 30, but I also want a top 10, but aiming at a top 5. I still havn't used any boost or wildcard. Have you used triple captain or something like that?


I've just used that free transfer card as i had like 3-4 unavailable players. Hopefully I will have a nice wekend. After that I understand that I will return to my injured squad which sucks. I think I also used the triple captain. The one that I did not use is the bench play , as my bench sucks and is full of injured, Pogba being now one of them .


Yes okay. Why havn't you sold Pogba? It would free a lot money?

While I do think this is a great idea, perhaps next year, think of something less sports related. I personally don't follow sports at all so to be part of this, I would have to do a lot of research into something I just don't care about that much.

Maybe we could do something like a fantasy league for Esports. (I wonder if it exists)

Does anybody have any ideas on something that could be done outside of sports?


It could be fun to do a contest that is not that specific. I would have to think about what it could be though.

O wow this is really nice. Can I have a invite to join the league and can I get more details about it, thanks


The league is closed, but hopefully we will do it again next year, and the prize pool will be even bigger :)


Okay thanks

Can i join to the Game??


Not until next year, but we have a prediction game every match week, so stay tuned ;)


: ( I love thats games. I Play Spanish Fantastic LEAGUE and Champions League Fantasy.
Thanks, i am playing sfpl several weeks.

I like the sound of the next game!


Yes. It could be interesting to see if we could make some nice marketing content out of it. I believe it could attract a lot of users within the sports community.

Hi, how can i join Steemit Premier League Fantasy?


You can't. We will hopefully have another game next year, so stay tuned until then.

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thanks for searing.

Wow this is amazing i followed and resteemed because im really excited and i know this is a great idea and its alsi fun

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