Steem Fantasy Premier League - Gameweek 5 Overview and Match Prediction Results

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Liverpool still seems to struggle against smaller teams, Arsenal drew in a goalless match at Stamford Bridge, Tottenham struggle at Wembley and the Manchester clubs looks on fire. Agüero got his first hattrick of the season. Lukaku scored once again, and De Gea got another clean sheet. Another match week of Premier League is done. Another round of Fantasy is done. Let's take a closer look at the teams in the official Steemit League.

The Steemit League

The average amount of points in this round was 58. Several teams in the Steemit League managed to get above that. First of all. Let's take a look at the top. Vincent Loh is still leading the pack. 22 points are separating him from no. 2. It's very early in the fantasy game, but it's a pretty comfortable lead. No. 2-no.5 is separated by only 5 points. ProgresiveTeam takes the second place, while Toyobaby, The Winners, and Hellas but not least make the rest of the top five.

This rounds best team was Jabulai Jambula III who managed to get 90 points! Extremely impressive. To manage to get such amount of points you would need to have Agüero as your captain, and that's what he had. Agüero made 20 points, and as a captain that makes 40. Other than Agüero, Valencia made another 15 points, with his goal and a clean sheet. Those two together netting 55 points, makes a very good match week. Though he had a great round he might need to change a lot to next round. Pogba is injured, Özil, Mounie, Pedro, are all in doubt and David Luiz is suspended, and these are all players on his team.

Anyone Interested In Doing A Podcast

To make these posts even more interested and valuable for people reading them, I am thinking about doing a podcast. A podcast with focus on the Fantasy game in the Premier League. I am thinking it should just be short episodes (15 min max) and only audio. So if anyone is interested in doing so, please contact me on discord @arsenal49

Current League Standings for the top 16 Managers

Match Prediction Results

2 Players had 7 correct guesses, congratulations @rodimusprime and @joe28!
5 Players had 6 correct guesses, congratulations @kingmotan, @mohammad32, @sroka87, @tszunami, @katteasis!

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Cool game and idea!
Sorry for offtop but.. how's Morata in Chelsea? Found no media coverage on it

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

From the Fantasy League page he seems to have been doing alright. Costa still hasn't gotten any playtime, not sure why. This is his performance so far:

Thank you for the coverage!) the league is more alive than many other European leagues

I am a fan of the Premier League and I always watch most of the matches directly but now I can follow the news and what happened every week through such publications. It is a very great publication.this post is amazing

Congratulations to the first ones. very good prediction. I will try to climb stairs and get to the top places

good steemit social activity, thanks

Woooot! I finally win something! Congrats to all winners , especially the ones with 7 correct predictions.. that's impressive!
Looking forward to the next one :)
Thanks Acidyo and Arsenal for taking care of the league.

Heartily congratulation and thanx for updating .....

Wow!!! great weekend Inside top 10 and 6 prediction correct 😇

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I am interested in playing this, how? Please let me know

good post


Very interesting writing, although I lack in English but I will read thoroughly your writing, I am from Indonesia.
Thank you friends already shared @acidyo.


Like every time. Good post

Oh man... I love to join. But how?

Congrats for the winner :D

Very good @acidyo thank you

Yay I'm back on the first page of the group. XD

Great prediction. Congarts.

I've hit the panic button already and made 8 changes this week!

Hey just gonna find you on discord! I have a Canadian accent so it's no cool British football accent but would love to start an audio podcast about football!

This league is on the right track because of you. Congratulations!

Good prediction! Congratulation to the first one. Entertaining content

Good prediction! Congratulation to the first one. Entertaining content

yeaahh.. where is our team @acidyo ? x)

HEHE. This looks like so much fun :)

Good post...

Small teams will be performing the best in the coming times. Teams get points.

This shows how little I know about soccer.. :(