Steem Fantasy Premier League - Gameweek 3 Match Prediction Results and Poll Results

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The winners of last weeks prediciton game!

We had 2 users with 7 correct guesses last week, congratulations to @nanzo-scoop and @abh12345!
Then we had 11 players with 6 correct guesses in 2nd place, congratulations to @pertiqoues, @anomiej, @machhour, @tzap90, @jsocj, @adamsfamily, @howtostartablog, @sportsgeek, @jwolf, @tszunami and me @acidyo. ;)

Rewards will be sent once the post pays out!

This is the current league table for the 16 top Managers of the Steem Fantasy Premier League!

The team "The winners" that's been in #1 for 2 gameweeks is now placed 3rd and has been overtaken by the teams "Progressiveteams" and "Cool Moves". Congratulations on the new top spots managers, this has started off really exciting so far!

The results are in for the Prize Pool Poll!

The community has decided to keep the Prize Pool all in on Steem with 30 votes!

I suspected that most users here believe in the steem price to rise in the near future and I am glad we will be keeping all funds in Steem, I will now move the Steem Dollars from savings, convert them to Steem through the inner market and send them back to savings and wait for the season to be over. This might become one of the biggest Prize Pools of any premier fantasy league so far!

Stay tuned for the next post on thursday for next gameweeks preview and another Match Prediction!

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Thanks a lot for the prize payment last week for predicition - a shame i was too late to join Fantasy League but have fun also with predictions.

After a catastrophic 2nd week, I really had a great score on the gameweek 3! I'm really very happy to top the league...well at least once i can say , surely the other managers will work hard and score a lot!
Thank you @acidyo for organizing such an awesome game!


Good luck staying there. ^^


Hahaha! The road will be very long mate! I'm a bit like my favorite team Liverpool, on the top in the beginning then know!


Haha, try to not to let it slip. ;)


Congratulations on top spot! A long way to go! 🏆


Oh hello my friend, so happy to see you here! Thanks man, i think i'm on the top for 1 week only...same like my team have been doing for some time now ...Liverpool!!!


Liverpool!? Dear oh dear! I'm taking any up-votes away right now haha!

Manchester United for me!


Hahaha! You've upvoted your enemy!
Manu looks really great this season man, i'm predicting a great year for them, big things really!


Sure did! It's all good 😁

Yes the Red Devil's look to be back! 👺

Boom! Predictions doing a lot better than my team is!

Thanks @acidyo, love this blog!

I'm a West Ham supporter so am avoiding anything to do with the EPL atm. Just to say great idea and Steemon! COYI!

You missed me :P . I also had 6 @acidyo

Bournemouth - Man City - 2
Crystal Palace - Swansea - x
Huddersfield - Southampton - x
Newcastle - West Ham - 1
Watford - Brighton - 1
Man Utd - Leicester - 1
Chelsea - Everton - 1
West Brom - Stoke - x
Liverpool - Arsenal - x
Spurs - Burnley - 1


Oh, my bad. I'll edit you in! :)


No biggie , thank you.

Congrats to the winners. Thanks to those ten people who are still behind me in SFPL. Lol! You are legends.

After a year's break from FPL, my calls have become sluggish and my points are catastrophic to be honest. I do hope to jump back once I start following premier league closely again.

Resteemed this post obviously to

Congratulations to @nanzo-scoop and @abh12345! That week only two winners)
Made a short statistics summary for SFPL Gameweek 3 here: Steemit Fantasy Premier League: Gameweek 3 statistics

Congratulations all wieners. great topic. 100% like and resteem.
thank your posting.


All wieners? Hahaha!


Such a sausage fest. :P


Ahhh is that what he's saying!

#sfpl - sausage fest premier league!

Yay I won something. Compensates for me being bad at FPL.


There's still time. ^^


That's how I felt last week. Nice to have a few ways to win!

Received my prize. :) Thanks very much, looking forward to participate again!

Am I allowed to join the league now?


Sorry gw2 was the last entry point.


:( Wild card entry?

Omg i miss this contest. :-( . I am already your follower but i didn't get your contest notification.

Congrutulation for the winner.!!!

Congrats to the winners! Last week i was amongst the winners but not this time! On the league also I am quite a bad manager...but will change tactics and climb the table soon!!!

I would like to participate in the next prediction too :)

Results are very difficult to guess.
1st place with only 7 correct predictions shows anything can happen in Premier League.

Oh yes!

Great post sir. congrats wiener members. great work. thanks

Congrats to all winners. This is really fun.

Uefa champions league Fantasy football announcement guys. People started to join. Come and join the fun and make sure to resteem.

Finally. I've been waiting for this post for so long!

I thought you were referring to the Premiere League in England :)) Chelsea are the best

Damn! Can't believe I forgot to update my team ahead of both the 2nd and 3rd round. Held up pretty well, though.

Congratulations to all :)

how can i join this?

how fun!!! :) That's an awesome fun game you've got going on there!

Thank to you @acidyo
I'm so happy when I see My name here :D

Congrats all winners!!
I hope yo win Next!!😊
Great contest @acidyo

Cool!Now looking forward to the next game weeks preview,wanna check it out🙂

Congratulations to the winners @nanzo-scoop and @abh12345 and to all the second placers. That's some great punditing!

And well done everyone in voting all-in on Steem for the pool. Another great choice!

But seriously. An international break after only three games? Sort out the calendar Premier League!

thank you so much :) received
glad to participate in this great challenge

This fantasy football is harder than I expected, I'm getting crushed, LoL. At least I am learning something and maybe next year I'll do better :D

Holyyy! 7 exact predictions is awesome, congrats guys