Steem Fantasy Premier League - Gameweek 29 Review!

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The English Premier League has only ten gameweek left. The FPL managers must really be able to select players to enter the FPL squad to improve the position of the internal league (SFPL) that followed, especially if we look at some gameweek forward where there will be blank gameweek and double gameweek.

As always, we will try to help by giving analysis of the game schedule in each of his gameweek to see which teams will roughly score many goals. Here's a match schedule analysis for GW29.

Burnley vs Everton

Burnley failed to win any of the eleven games in the Premier League. While Everton are slightly better than the last 10 games in which they were able to win. However, Everton difficulty when facing teams with a strong defense, and Burnley is one of the teams in the Premier League who have a pretty good defense. In the last six gameweek, teams that face Burnley can only score one goal. Burnley have a chance of winning as Everton are the teams with the third worst record of Premier League teams while away, but we predict Burnley will win by one goal difference.

Tottenham Hotspur vs. Huddersfield Town

Tottenham meanwhile managed to climb to fourth rank shifted Chelsea after the GW28 yesterday able to defeat Crystal Palace. The result adds an unbeaten Tottenham record in the last 10 gameweek. While Huddersfield are on GW27 capable of victory over Bournemouth, in GW28 then they are able to maintain the consistency of the game and win 2-1 over host West Brom. However, Spurs have the potential to win.
Liverpool vs Newcastle United

Liverpool convincingly beat West Ham by a score of 4-1 and add an unbeaten record when playing at Anfield 16 times. GW29, the opponent it faces is Newcastle who in the last four games are unbeaten and always scored. Despite being in good form, Newcastle will find it difficult to beat Liverpool, let alone their record when facing a very bad Liverpool because from 1995 they have not once won. Liverpool will again win by a margin of at least two goals but Newcastle are able to score.

Manchester City vs Chelsea

Manchester City are performing well in the last two games against Arsenal in the League Cup and the GW29 Premier League continued on Thursday. Unable to relax, Sunday they will face Chelsea who just lost to Man United on GW28. Seeing the inconsistent performance of Chelsea, it would be very difficult for them to beat Man City. Moreover, Man City this season has not even once defeated when playing at home.

From the productivity of goals in the last four gameweek, Man City excelled far from Chelsea, where Man City have scored 12 goals (most) while Chelsea scored only five goals. As for the defense, Man City only conceded two goals (at least with Tottenham), while Chelsea became the most teams conceded a goal in four gameweek with nine goals. Looking at the note above, surely Man City will win, but we predict Chelsea will be able to score goals as they do to Manchester United goalkeeper.

No Match Prediction Game this Gameweek

Apologize to everyone that usually enters the Match Prediction Game, couldn't write the post in time this one gameweek. (first time in 29 gameweeks this has happened)

All the SBD from this post will instead go towards the Fantasy Reward Pool which you can find in Savings in my Wallet.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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Okay..... It's a good thing you addressed it.
I was worried... I feel better now!
Looking forward to GW30.


Actually, this is my first time of seeing a post of this nature... Oh its very lovely to finally see something of this nature. I will always be in touch. I'm a fan of the EPL- a Man Utd fan.


Also a Man Utd fan..Glory Glory Man Unitedreceived_1202011003265724.jpeg

I guess you have been busy with SteemGC. It's just human not to be perfect. Missing one weekend is not bad at all. Keep it up @acidyo.

I was looking out for this post seriously, was hoping to share my fantasy tips for the gameweek. I know part of the reason for the delay was due to the fact that the previous gameweek took too long to finish.

Nice to see you compensating by increasing the reward pool.
It's going to be a tough run in especially in the race for top 4 qualifications.
Hoping for good gameweek, made a post about my team, captain picks, the upcoming blank in gameweek 32, some bargain buys for the season run in too.

Thanks for the info has always, hope we will get match prediction game next week?
The analysis of the playing teams are nice and easy to understand


Yeah there will be! :)


Okay, cant wait for nextwknd... thanks for the updates and the time you invested.. 😊😊

This post is really great.I am so happy to hear football tunament.Thank you so much

Mancity vs Chelsea is a nice match to watch. I guess it will end in a draw. I am not a Chelsea fan but u don't see Chelsea letting this one slip away.


With Champions League qualification to the next round still a possibility if Chelsea can get a point at Barcelona, a few players could be rested but then there's a top 4 race that looks like they're they're losing pace, its a tricky game for Chelsea.
Manchester City, on the other hand, has proven that they are in a league of their own, no other team comes close to them in the English game and the best Chelsea can get from the game is a low scoring defeat, considering the pressure on their manager and the players coupled with their leaky will be an entertaining game though.

Thanks for the info. I wish that get match game next week. Playing teams are nice and interesting. Have a nice day @acidyo

My fast comment.... if maraka must win the league 👍

I'm a longtime follower of yours. Can you send me some upvotes and a resteem??? My account is starving for bandwidth, and I can't post anything to my blog. Thanks

reading this content is like watching a live ball game. @acidyo manager to pour it in writing and wrap it up very smartly. for lovers of this content ball can be used as a reference to increase knowledge and as to to be discussed with other friends. Thank you @acidyo for sharing the update information for us.

i hope Burnley become won like you
i will watch all match

if in my opinion mancity win comrade 1-0

if maraka must win the league 😙😗😗

I really appreciate you giving us regular updates of the fantasy premier league. We know that everyone's life is full of stuff, it so great of you to make time out of your busy routine and give the analysis of each and every game, and the analysis is pretty amazing. I look forward to GW30. Cheers

That's a great analysis..
And thanks for keeping us updated..

It's a shame @acidyo, it will be for next week..!!

Nice post @acidyo


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1 miss out of 29, not a bad ratio :-) enjoy the games!

if maraka must win the league 👍

@acidyo I know you have so many things on your desk to be sorted, so employ me to do the weekly posts for you, for a stipend, and be sure they'll come out fine and in good time. It's a game many look forward to, so let me help you.

It's my first time going through your post, and i love predictions and predictions sites that stands the test of time..eagerly waiting for GW30, and hope its comes on time...keep the tedious work flowing bro

I thought you had forgotten so i sent a message on hoping you would see it and remember.

It's a shame there's no prediction contest this week ... its great contest !!

burnley vs everton 1 tottenham hotspur vs huddersfield town 1 liverpool vs newcheter united 1 manchester city vs chelsea 1

Game on...I'm analysis for Manchester united match...monday night