Steem Fantasy Premier League - Gameweek 12 Overview and Match Prediction Results!

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We are moving closer and closer to the end of first half of the Premier League season. Game week 12 is over. All top 6 teams won, except Spurs who suffered a loss to their neighbors. Salah is now the top scorer of the Premier League, Arsenal bounced back from the match against City, and Manchester United scored four goals at home again. Who would have thought that with Mourinho as their manager? I certainly did not. Just as I did not expect my team score 91 points, but they did. How was your game week, and what do you plan to change for the next one?

The Steemit League

First I would like to mention that the prize pool is extremely close to 1k STEEM, or maybe already at 1k when this post is released. That would make the prize pool be at 1050 dollars at the current price of STEEM. Amazing job everyone! This is only the beginning. If we take a closer look at the Steemit League, we once again have changes in the top 3. Los Jokers are now leading the pack. Due to Salah as his captain (32 points), he is now the leader. Other than Salah, Shaqiri, Lacazette, Jesus, and Azpilicueta helped him take over the 1st place.

From 1st place to 2nd place: 17 points
From 1st place to 3rd place: 29 points
From 1st place to 5th place: 35 points
From 1st place to 10th place: 62 points

I thought for a long time that I was the best scoring team in the Steemit League, but when I took a closer look I was wrong. Even though I managed to score 91 points, somebody still managed to beat me by 8 points. Impressive. 98 points are also the record in the Steemit League. Congratulations to "Palenghayeu FC". With Hazard as his captain and Salah, Morata, Walker, Gross, Surman, and Ward all scoring great points, he managed to be the best performing team for this week. I am thinking about buying Hazard instead of De Bruyne, just because of last match week. Do you have Hazard in your sight, as Chelsea also will have very easy fixtures coming up?

Based on a prize pool at 1K STEEM, the payouts will look like this:

1st place: 300 STEEM
2nd place: 150 STEEM
3rd place: 100 STEEM
4th-10th place: 30 STEEM each
11th-23rd place: 10 STEEM each
24th-48th place: 5 STEEM each

This was written by @arsenal49

Match Prediction Results!

Crazy week for predictions!

9 users with 8/10 correct guesses, and so many more with 7/10. Congratulations to a shared 2nd spot: @livinguktaiwan, @sroka87, @cmoljoe, @neytron, @bahagia-arbi, @jsock, @raisul, @costanza, @akomoajong

Even crazier the first spot with 9/10 correct predictions, @arsenal49 and me. Congrats to us! :D

Stay tuned for the next Gameweek!


Yes! My first entry here, glad I made some progress, must report back to my Manager who will be chuffed. Thanks

Hello @acidyo n @arsenal49 .. thanks for the writing. Thats cool, it is the second time my team "Palenghayeu FC" got the top poin. But, maybe you don't know who is the manager. Thank you, don't forget to mention my name in future ;)

Crazy gameweek, congrats to the one scoring 98 points!

monster pointage!

I cant seem to gain any ground, we have lots of good managers in this league!

Yeah surprising!

You had 7/10 correct predictions, so close this time. :D

Yeah i've had a joint first and the rest nowhere :)

Must be due soon!

Oh my gosh , you killed it , Arsenal!! Wtg man ! Another week like this one and you will be top 3.
Acidyo a great job as well, sitting pretty in 13th place now.

wow amazing some team..some team name steemit related
.so beatiful.

I didnt even know steemit had this

It has everything ;)

jeeee, esto no lo había visto yo antes.

Can I join the league >?

You can't :/, but you can next year :)

i hope, next year I can join the league

wow I am in first place, the most exciting league !!

@acidyo do you know @tszunami organizer of the Fantasy Uefa championsleague?
We have not heard from him for a while?

Yeah I know him, haven't had the time to participate much in the Uefa one so don't know what's going on there.

It's been a few weeks that nothing has been posted about it, I am a lover of this type of competitions. Thanks for your answer. Regards!!

Very very nice post!😊

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