SFEOS Development and Utopian.io

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In the weeks to come you will start to see contributors of SFEOS using Utopian.io for building the game mechanics prototyping and other planned features of the site and community building tools. Some of these tools will be posted as requests through Utopian.

Until recently, the github repo was empty. Now it includes the code for the static site that was published at the end of 2017. This is currently a simple "What is SFEOS" information site. We will be gradually converting/upgrading the site to include the prototyping playtesting screen(s) that will be available to a select few early development playtesters.

Setting Expectations

Before people start to get excited about what is in store, I believe expectations need to be set so people are not frustrated in the short to medium term. We are a small team of part-time contributors. I find myself spending way more time in community building activities than I'd originally expected. Team building is an important part of bringing SFEOS online; The community is how this thing will ultimately be built. This focus on community for me is making the development process slower than I'd like, and I'm now focused on carving out dedicated patches of time for development.

Development Blog

The community on Steemit will see the posts we do in Utopian.io. Those posts will be a development blog of sorts. I ask that you would support these future posts, because Utopian applies it's vote strength based on social interest. The more interest, the more incentive for contributors to come on board. The more contributors, the faster we can get SFEOS online. Another benefit of contributing through Utopian posts will be team incentivization through actual features being implemented rather than just talking about things. A little less talk, and a LOT more action. There will be very little danger of vaporware marketing going on. The posts will be based on real code being deployed. I will also be issuing SFEOSFOUNDER tokens for all those I know of who are contributing value towards the project.

The Plan Forward

The early prototype will be meant for validating that the game mechanics are strong and that they are always heading in the direction of "fun". We want the game to be immersive without being a grind like some MMOs of the past. Starting small and iterating - Ideation and iteration (semi-scientific method) is key to having something amazing in the end.

So the next post you see, will probably be something posted through Utopian and visible on Steemit. Until then, thank you for your continued interest and support. ~ @chadrickm


Glad my wife was helpful :)
Looking forward to seeing things through Utopian.