How to date when you are a geek

in sexy •  last year

First thing that you need to do, is simple - don't be ugly. That will help a lot. And if you are, at least brush your teeth, wear normal clothing (nothing extravagant), SHAVE (most of IT guys think the thin beard is sexy - let me correct you, it is as sexy as cellulitis) and of course - shower daily.

Secondly, you gotta find a girl way out of your league, try to get her and after getting rejected, talk about friendzone. Then, find more realistic option. To get her, you are going to need just one thing - brick. Every girl will say yes to you, if you hold brick in your hand.

And finally, when you've got the girl of your dreams, it's time to wake up from this perfect dream, get up, go to school / work and think about the fact that you'll never get a girl.

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Lmaooooo brick, check.


She wont resist, that's for sure