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Canon 5D mark III + Canon EF 85mm f1.2

If You also have some questions about photography/retouching, just write a comment!
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Instagram: @mindaugasnavickasphoto


Exif: 1/200s f2.8 ISO200

Canon 5D mark III + Canon EF 85mm f1.2

Retouch: Lightroom + Photoshop


Net negaliu nusprest kuri geriau , šita ar BW

Look very beautiful

Such amazing detail!

Editan retouchnya ,luar biasa, saya suka

i love your detailed photographs, take a look on my profile and tell me what do you think...LK7A0931.jpg

ga ada senyumnya,pasti tambah manis,so swiit

She is Very Sexy! 😍😍😍

How do you get such clear lighting @fotomindo???

Just playing with light and many hours in studio :) after that, some Photoshop magic :)

Geez you rock. Do you have a team with you?

usually I am working alone (only I and model) :) But sometimes I and my MUA are doing some creative projects together (like in this photo). When I shoot for clients I am working with my team (MUA, Hair stylist etc.) :)

That's pretty interesting..

So beautiful

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