My ex bought this dress for me

in sexy •  2 years ago


My ex bought this dress for me, I think it's kind of funny though because you obviously can't wear it out. I'm not sure if you are supposed to wear it with underwear or not. Which way would be sexier?

I think he wouldn't like it that I posted it here, but oh well he shouldn't have cheated on me then :P

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Great, doing anything for dinner? 😂😂

Wow sexy!!! 😊


Thank you. hihi

Very sexy.
Think he would have wanted you to wear it like this, no underwear ;)
Two days more until my voting power is restored.


Thanks so much princess xxx

very sexy , congratulations

very beautiful , so beautiful, talk with me

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Looking great. You are very fit. I guess it's only meant to be wear inside your house ;)

Also, Post more like these :))

@aasiangirl superb photo and you can wear it with you current bf :D


I will have to find one!


should not be a problem:)


@aasiangirl it will be easy for you i think

with underwear you will look stunning beauty!


thank you :)