Sexual difference

in #sexual2 years ago

The Powers-that-Be want to abolish sexual difference and all the mutuality that it allows, so we no longer think of ourselves as men or women. They want us to think of ourselves simply as individual units without relation, without gender and without any other specific characteristic. They do so because they want to make the entirely population directly depend on them for their identity. They want to make themselves the universal mediator between each and every individual so that no individual may be with another without their mediation. And they want to break up relationships so that we live in a perpetual flux, so that they can always bring us into new voluntary relationships and so that – and each of us lives in a catalogue from which other may choose someone to bring home and create the brief fiction of belonging and of mutual giving-and-taking.
The attack on our sex and gender is absolutism and totalitarianism. It makes a person unsure of who they are, and how they may fit in, and how they may contribute and how they may be valued and become confident this is the work of those who are prepared to concede us no dignity and no identity of our own at all. This is the robbery of our identity, of our innocence, the robbery of childhood, or the hope and aspiration to grow and become independent and mature. This is the work of Satan.