Is the telegram bot API a sexist?

in #sexist3 years ago (edited)

Hello i like build a telegram bot with the follow greeting text:
"Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren", but this is not possible!

After 2 hours searching the bug found the problem:
The telegram bot API is a sexist!?
... or today i am stupid, please check it too!

This code works fine:

curl -X POST "$BOT:$KEY/sendMessage?chat_id=$ID&text=Sehr geehrte Damen"

Result: "ok":true,"result"

Now i add the german word for "and" (und), this code works fine too:

curl -X POST "$BOT:$KEY/sendMessage?chat_id=$ID&text=Sehr geehrte Damen und"

Result: "ok":true,"result"

But if i add in the text the other gender "Herren"

curl -X POST "$BOT:$KEY/sendMessage?chat_id=$ID&text=Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren"

Result: 400 Bad Request

Can someone here confirm this to me?
Very bad i lost today 2 hours for nothing!

The same with the word "High Score", where is the blacklist of words?

Problem solved, now i use "&text=Sehr%20geehrte%20Damen%20und%20Herren"
Thanks pmiklos!!

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