Do you think sex dolls and sex robots are undermining women by portraying their shape and figure as a sex object?

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In my honest opinion, yes.

Ownership. Women are not properties to be owned. Sad to say, the emergence and ownership of female sex dolls or sex robots transfers the imagination of women being bought, controlled and manhandled to reality. It is unfair for us men to treat women this way. How would you feel if people started treating you, or even look at you like an object?

This is a backward step to the ancient world of slavery. Civilisation is not confined to technological development and scientific breakthroughs. It also involves the refining of thoughts, manners and taste; cultural development.

It was during the ancient periods of slavery men regarded women as inferior, or more like a sub human. Some even went to the extent of referring to women as deformed males. These were uncivilised claims which were dismissed later on. Civilisation may be a slow process with several setbacks and failures, and the invention of sex dolls and sex robots are amongst those setbacks. We still live in a world where patriarchy is highly prevalent.

Some people may argue that sex dolls and sex robots are very cooperative and never rejects experimenting new sexual activities. And that if women were more cooperative, relationships would last longer. Making such claims seem to make men faultless. Of course it wouldn't refuse your requests, that's what makes it a doll. Women are human beings. Flesh and blood, with brains like yours. 

Women have the rights to decline requests and refuse ideas. If being cooperative meant accepting everything that comes your way without any response; then no human, not even animals would be cooperative. Rather, it takes two or more to cooperate. You both have to be willing to let go of personal views and find a middle ground. Forcefully making someone do something is pure coercion.

There are several responsible ways to make someone accept a request or an idea. One way is to be clear about your intentions, give salient reasons. Another way is to be persuasive, not in a manipulative way though. Then let her make the choice, don't make it for her.

Others may advocate sex dolls, as it serves as a vent for violent individuals to be themselves without hurting anyone. As noble as that thought may seem, it is inherently flawed.  Wouldn't that be encouraging such violent persons to continually engage in violence?

Engaging such ones in violence could eventually lead to self harming behaviours: mental or physical harm, or increase the possibility of lashing out on another human. It would be wise to take such persons to mental institutions or therapist, to get the appropriate help they need. This would prove more helpful in the long run, as such ones may learn to employ an appropriate level of control. 

The purchase of sex dolls and sex robots gives the impression that the role of a woman is limited to sexual activities. You might as well believe that the earth is a flat square. Lol.

Some may argue that the sales of female sex dolls is just as equal to the sales of its male counterpart. Yes! That may be true. But who is buying these male versions? The males make up the majority buyers. Therefore, men decide and control the market.

It is no surprise some men actually believe that a woman's duty is limited to sex, and sadly even a few women do, probably because of how they were raised. Just like men, women manage daily responsibilities and face different challenges everyday. It ranges from the responsibility of being a daughter, a friend, a wife, a mother, an employee or employer and many more. In fact, research shows that women are better at multitasking than men.

A woman is not an inanimate object. She breathes, thinks, talks, and walks. She has rights. She makes choices. She is entitled to her opinions. She has a brain. She is not a plaything to be used and discarded when you're bored. She is a whole person, not body parts to be objectified. Women have demonstrated their equality on so many levels in modern era. They serve in leadership positions in Countries, States, Organisations, and Universities.

The bottom line is, women deserve our utmost respect. It should be our obligation as men to view a woman through the various lenses of her personality, not limiting our focus on sexuality.

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