Confessions of A Sex Worker - #4 - What's High End?

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Excuse me, Sir~ I didn't realize that my value was judged by what you have in your pockets.

See, this guy was all over me, when he thought that I was attainable, when he thought that what he could offer me, would appeal to me. When he realized that I value myself more than he values me, he decided to try and talk down to me, to try and get me to lower my prices.

Unfortunately for this un-named account-holder, I know my own worth an what I value myself at, and I know that for what I offer and provide, $450 is light fare, I know many girls that charge three times the amount that I do and don't offer as many services, or the ability to travel to clients.

Don't shame your local sex worker just because you can't afford them, save up and have a good time, there's no reason to be stingy and pissy about someone's rates. You don't grab an item in the middle of a store and demand that it be lower because there's items that are similar that are more expensive.

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Wow, that's pretty rude!

I'm sure independent professionals in many industries can relate to this problem though - potential clients undervaluing your services. Those people are welcome to go look elsewhere.

That guy has no cause to be a jackass about it, though.
Good riddance!

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