Who Turned Out the Lights?

in #sex6 months ago

Behind the silk scarf wrapped around my head, my eyes can only see darkness. As each hair on my body stands at attention, I can sense my partner circling me like delicious prey. My nose twitches as I sniff the air for their scent. Suddenly, I hear a noise and my head whirls in that direction. Something brushes my arm and it feels like electricity running through my body. With each of my senses heightened, my body feels alive. Waiting in expectation, I can feel myself breathing faster and harder. What will they do? What will happen next? As my mind races with excitement and lust, my mouth and other places become wet. It is only the beginning… and I can’t wait. 

 Have you ever noticed that everything becomes more intense when we close our eyes? Taking away the sense we rely on most makes us more aware of our other senses. Blindfolded and waiting, the slightest touch or sound suddenly becomes amplified and the scent of a lover becomes more intoxicating than any perfume or cologne at the counter of Macy’s. Armed with your imagination and a sense of adventure, the body can become a landscape for exploration! Using textures, temperatures, scents, and sounds, let’s set off for a delicious night of sensual discovery! 

 A few things to get started:

  • A blindfold
  • Sensual Music
  • Incense or perfume oils
  • Massage oil (Who doesn’t love the feeling of their lovers’ warm hands all over their bodies? Try alternating light and hard touches, scratching, as well as using the mouth, tongue, teeth, and breath for added sensation and fun!)
  • Items of various textures, i.e. pantyhose, satin, velvet, silk, feathers, leather, suede, fur, etc.
  • Ice cubes (Trace patterns on the body, insert into orifices, etc.)
  • Massage Candles (When dripping hot wax, hold candles at least 2 feet above skin!)
  • Glass and metal toys can be placed in hot water or ice water for added sensations!

Have fun and remember: the only limit is your imagination!