Are you a 1 minute man? How to last long in bed and Say No to Last Long Pills

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Has many that are reading this post might not want to admit that they couldn’t make it past the 2 minute mark doing sex, You will agree with me, that, almost all married and single men, regardless of size, relationship status or even frequency of sex, wants to last longer in bed, premature ejaculation in both single and married man has tuned-out to be a major factor that has turned married and single ladies to cheat on their partners, cos of their partner s 20 second to 1 minute sex duration.

This is what happens when you are a 1 minute man

You will agree with me that premature ejaculation during sex is a common and often distressing problem for men who simply want to find ways to make sex last longer. the more there seek solution to the problem the more there loss self confidence, Cos psychologically its affect the mind. It is no fun for your partner when it all ends too early,cos women takes much longer to reach organism while some men takes five minutes or less to ejaculate, that why i took out time to do this research and come up with the solution many have been waiting for

But the good news is you can actually last long doing sex, if stick to this few advise


  • More foreplay.
    Before you even think of having sex with you partner, do as well to think and have it on the back of you mind to engage in more foreplay with you partner, cos it goes a long way to redue the huge and gradually/slowly build-up your stimulation that will allow you to last longer. . By engaging in more foreplay, you allowing your penis to adapt to a slow and steady stimulation. Dont just standup and grab the hammer, and feel you can hit the hammer on the nail cap, it doesnt work like can skip any of the advise by this one is one important law that gorvern the sex-community lol.

  • Masturbate.
    This advise is arguable in the sense that, not everybody likes or believe in masturbating. but be it has it may
    you have ever noticed how long it takes to ejaculate doing you second round of sex with your partner ? if yes
    Masturbating has a similar effect. After ejaculation, your body needs time to recover.The recovery period also lengthens a man’s time to ejaculation. so if you wanna have sex like today, make sure to masturbate like 1 to 2 hours before having sex.

  • Exercise your pelvic muscle
    Pelvic muscle is between your anus and ball, as we exercise our body to keep fit, same thing goes to the pelvic muscle that can trigger or makes ejaculation impossible.Some guys might not know, they is a muscle in guys(male) that is responsible for triggering and propelling ejaculation, with proper exercise to pelvis muscles it is literally impossible to ejaculate in a short time.

  • Squeeze/stop
    This technic is as simple as the word simple,when you know you are close to ejaculation, make sure you squeeze the head of your penis cap till the desire of ejaculating vanishes before you continue, but firstly you need to stop and pull out before you squeeze your penis cap.

-Another easy way to completely get rid of premature ejaculation is this having a healthy diet



WTAER MELON: Its contains cirtrulline, lycopene and bete-carotene. citruline is converted to aeginine and amino acid that increase citric oxcide level in the body


BANANA: contain potassium, magnessium as well as other vitamins



AVOCADA: its support healthy carrrrrdiovasular system and help in the regulation of blood sugar

Take a bold step to comment what you are passing through if you a experiencing or if you are a 1min man, cos already i see you being a 15 to 45min man after applying the above technics and if you are lady and you husband or guy is a minute man do well to resteem so it gets to him

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