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Hello guys,I hope you are having a fabulous week? I found something interesting and decided to share with you guys. A friend of mine went on vacation with her boyfriend last month,she called yesterday morning to inform me that she had returned. On my way back from work in the evening I decided to stop by at her house to take the goodies she bought for me. I was so happy to see her and kept hugging her until I noticed some #bruises on her neck,I asked her if she got into a fight with anyone but she just kept smiling and telling me it's not that serious. I wasn't satisfied with her response hence I kept pressuring her,then she opened up to me that the bruises on her neck was as a result of the rough sex she had with her boyfriend. According to her she only enjoys sex when it's aggressive like being choked, spanked, and bitten. I was dumbfounded, I know sometimes it feels good for the man to be in control,hold you down and pound fast but how can someone enjoy being inflicted with pains all in the name of sex? Well it is true we all have our likes and dislikes. After hearing from my friend I had to find out more about painful #aggressive sex and the reasons people indulge in it.
I discovered different people take #rough sex to different levels depending on their individual taste. Women loves rough sex for various reasons, some love it because of the intensity it brings, hence they enjoy being slapped, choked, spanked and bitten. It's not just about the spanking but the passion and energy involved which makes them euphoric and the good sleep after such aggressive sex. Some Women love being choked and dominated because it turns them on,the sensations from the pain of being handled roughly puts the whole body in a state of heightened arousal.
Well there is endless possibilities with regard to sex.

  • It is packaged with lots of emotions
  • It involved so much #passion which makes sex intense
  • The mixture of both pain and pleasure can make sex more exhilarating
  • Rough sex encourages various fantasies and role playing
  • A person can lend out frustration and aggressive through rough sex making both party happy.
    Also posted on my other blog.
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