SEX EDUCATION??? by Ogunleye Dele Victor

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In Nigeria, the term ‘kerewa’ ‘knack’ ‘all I want is your waist’ and recently ‘banana fall on you’ have fed our young minds with the notion and idea of sex even at an early age. So, debating whether sex education is needed in school is quite ironical. Notwithstanding, the introduction and every aspect of sex education need to be taken into full consideration to make sure that the ‘lesson’ does not heighten immorality, pedophilia, spread of diseases and early child pregnancy in our schools. School is the sanctuary of education and every kid growth through this process and acquainting children with their own body, to me is not harmful. This can be of great help in raising responsible citizens and also empowering them to make informed decisions…BUT yet again, age must be put into consideration. sex-education-in-schools.jpg
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Teaching a child sex, is handing a robber a loaded gun in front of a treasure chest. A page from a JSS1 textbook

Now some people argue that sex education is better when it is start early enough. But is this really earlier the better?
The phrase simply means that the earlier kids are presented with the process of progeny development, sex, contraceptives and related technical terms, better it is for all of us; but it this really true or are we sitting on a time bomb?

Some people believe that sex education will empower the kids as they grow. Well, I think that children should grow before they are empowered. How can you give your 9year old son a car to drive to school? Does that not mean you have signed his death warrant? Given children the information they do not need at that point can definitely lead to a misuse of it. Though, empowerment can give the spirit of confidence, don’t forget that the knowledge of contraceptives, pregnancy prevention and use of condoms can also encourage them to be involved in the act.
is this information not too advanced for kids??? especially 9-11year old?

I actually know that development of sex organs, menstruation in girls, facial hairs, pubic hairs and internal release of the organs with mark puberty will raise questions from our young ones, the part of sex education that should teach this SHOULD NOT BE INTERCOURSE. Personal hygiene is the prime concern for everyone and it should not be taught with the opposite sex in mind.

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A basic 7 (JJS 1) students in Nigeria can open his text book and see the above and more...Don’t forget that this child is between the age of 9-11. What will he do with such an information at this tender age? Cant the child be took about bathing, keeping his/herself clean, use of clean underwears, avoid compromising corners, report advances from older people, same or opposite sex to their parents or guardians, report any gift they receive to their parents, avoid sitting on someone lap etc? Is this not sex education? If a 9-11year old is privy to this information, then I wonder what the older classes are taught.

As a people and a community what will become of the next generation of adult is been conceived now, with us. We can make it a better generation or worse than what it is now. Every action (Intentional) or inaction (Unintentional) has its reaction.

sex_education_1.jpg what really is the motive of this to our young minds????????
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This is not just a post, this is a message that we should pass and take a stand for a better.

pictures are sourced from google and also from taken from the textbook from which some of this issues are discussed from. i really wish that as a community we can impact what our young minds are taught not only in Nigeria, but in the world. i hear the USA is even worse in this teachings! what is really going on????

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please anyone here who will like to share advice and opinion on sex education? there is a move we plan to make and we will appreciate advice, opinion and instructions. please feel free to share your view on this

thank you

something really needs to be done before we see a high rate of pregnancy and sexual abuse... this is really a serious case


i agree with you. this is a monster

I never had one my cousin told me how to make babies when i was 16


Imagine that. But now, ages 9-11 are be giving this education. We really need a working system

Our system is corrupted, so what do you expect. We need a revamping


i agree, we need a revamping of the present obtainables

This is really a great message indeed..... That need to be passed across every where... Thanks.


Thank you. I really agree with you. please if you can, do a resteem for people in your network to see


Thanks a lot. There is a follow up to the piece. you might find that interesting too. The overall aim of this is to be instructors of positive change. Thank you very much

You are quoting pages from "abstinence-based" sex education manuals. This type of sex-ed has never been proven to decrease sexual activity, unplanned pregnancy or STDs in any population.

I absolutely think my children need to know what genitals look like, what is normal, what is sexual intercourse. I think the book, It's perfectly normal is well written and a great resource. Have you read it? Or have you just taken a page from somewhere and decided it's terrible?

I think you will find that the young people who have the most information are the ones with the best outcomes.


@beriberi thanks a bunch for your opinion; but if information has heightened the rate of moral decadence in our society, don't you think it is best we censored the kind of information children are privy to at an early age? The rate of child-crime and their number in juvenile homes isn't reducing at all, is it; and most of the cause is from education? Many years ago, rape was not as popular as it is today. Sexual immorality was not this high, keen pregnancy, abortion and abortion laws? Well...

I have seen videos of the content of COMPREHENSIVE SEXUALITY EDUCATION (CSE) which is been introduced into schools and in Nigeria a petition is going around for it to be scrapped. Now, knowledge is power and the use of power his determined by the person who is empowered. Teaching kids about their genitals to me isn't wrong, I have seen parents teach children this things and even name vagina 'peepee', teaching them personal hygiene also; BUT teaching children about masturbation, kissing at least age 9 to me is disturbing. I was taught about the reproductive system in the Senior Secondary Class NOT about intercourse. I have seen the outcome of this knowledge, the rate of pregnancy and immorality about the kids. If we get children into Parenthood at an early stage in life, what will they get to do in future? I have seen many agreements for and against it and sometimes the arguments put for overweights that of against.

Now, few years ago 'we' felt it was normal teaching our children about protection and weapons. We encouraged it with the video games we gave them and the movies they saw. Fast-forward to this age and they are the threat to lives including theirs in most countries. Now my question is this 'if children are equipped with the information of sexual intercourse at the age of 9-11age group, what will be said or be of majority when they get to the ages of 17-20?'

Knowledge is power, but the extent of its use is determined by the one empowered. I think there are proper things we can teach our children under sex education as the age of maturity allows but going all the way is lethal.


You are right. We most times overlook these things

I liked nr. 6: “Sharing inmate thoughts feelings”. Sounds like even in prison inmates can enjoy pleasures of sex by sharing their feelings and thoughts with each other. 'Cause that’s how they do it in prison, right?


Hahahaha...that means the writer has forseen where some of the children could end up with such

Interesting piece of writting but could have more supporting content and your references from just one book invalidates your argument.


thanks for your comment. the book referenced is a text presently in use in Lagos, Nigeria. that is definitely not the only book available, but that was the one i had information on. the other issue discussed includes details from CSE which as a country, petition is going around against its introduction. my point is that at a tender age of 9-11, kids shouldnt be exposed to such knowledge as it is detrimental. below is my opinion on it, i am sure it will give you a better view on this background

thank you very much

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