Dating Economics: The Real Truth behind Relationships and What it Means for You

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We will make the following assumptions for the Dating Market:

The following are assumptions were made in creating the models:
-All market participants are acting rationally and in their own self-interests.
-All market participants have an equal opportunity to meet.
-All market participants are currently between 18 and 45 years of age.
-All market participants are under jurisdiction of U.S. marriage laws.
-All market participants live in a large city or metropolitan area.

What Men and Women Really Want

Value On Open Dating Market

What Men and Women Want When Dating and Marrying

Why Men and Women Get Married


Can’t get a Date or find a Mate? Level the Playing Field!

-Don’t have a lot of money? Try being more arrogant and cocky.
-Haven’t achieved success in your career yet? Highlight your “future potential”.

Don’t have cover-girl looks? Try dialing down the drama a few notches.

Use Age as a Guide
-Between 21 and 25 years old and women your age won’t talk to you? Try dating women 35 to 40.
-Between 25 and 35 and single? Focus on your career and wait for your prime at age 35 to 45.

-Between 19 and 28 years old? Enjoy all the attention and abundant choices now— but settle on a mate before it’s too late.
-Closing in on 29 years old and still single? Consider being less picky.
-You’re 30+ and men don’t want to go out with you anymore? Try dating men 21 to 25 years old.


Good analysis, but as a guy I would say that you achieve a step-change in dating success when you can tell interesting stories about yourself in a smooth, confident way. I think that's the root cause of men's attractiveness as they age. They have more stuff to talk about, and have had more time to grow as a man. Men, on the other hand are attracted to physical beauty but that quickly gets overshadowed by personality (good or bad).

Great points yef99! Interesting stories can help with a mans confidence.

Interesting post.

I love to have fun and I like to carry my weight. Your post is right that some people (men too) view relationships as an insurance policy and will try to drain their partners. There's no excuse to be a financial predator to any partner. Everyone can carry their own weight.

I recommend adding value to another person and avoid being a drain on them.

Thanks and yes that's good advice! It is true that men can be a drain as well.