A woman secretly admires sex💑

in #sex4 years ago

Male and female brains are different. So the mechanism of sexual excitement is also different. I do not feel like sexing women unless I like them. Women like you who is having sex.
I like sex because I like you. Let's enjoy each other's sex to nurture that feeling. So what is sex where affection grows?
The most popular is normal sex.


Many women like this normal sex the most. There are only women around me who like normal sex.
However, it is a difficult point to get tired of normal sex. Once you get bored with normal sex, pleasure decreases. Next to normal sex, soft SM sex is popular among women. Soft SM is to be blindfolded with a towel, tied lightly with a tie, or blamed by words. It is about sex to be bullied by men. It is completely different from hurting enough to leave scratches.
There are many women who adore soft SM. I am excited merely by being lightly tied up and imagining things that can be blamed from behind.

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