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I think illegal prostitution does make it less safe if those laws are actively enforced for 3 reasons, 1/ for the client if its illegal they would have to go looking for it in some dodgy places. 2/ for the prostitute, if they have to fear prosecution, crimes committed against them may and probably do go unreported. And 3, if its illegal and unregulated both client and prostitute might not be clean and regularly checked for sexually transmitted diseases.

I live in a place where prostitution is legal, police presence is sporadic, and violence is not a very common experience. I can confirm that the US has a lot more violence in general, but I've also been to places that are more violent than anything I've seen in the US. If I'm to venture a guess, I'd say poverty and injustice are big factors, but don't have data to back that up.


Yes of course, poverty has a lot to do with crime. I just think it's interesting that when the US and Canada are compared in the debate about violence - this topic never seems to be brought up. And in Japan, which I feel , although very different from the West, is possibly the most civilized country in the world - it seems they take such a practical stance to this idea.


Nothing beats voluntary cooperation. Poverty does not necessarily lead to violence, but when a hungry person gets beat up for stealing food, the next incident may be violent from the onset. I think violence is a matter of escalation. During the first year of German occupation of the Netherlands during WWII, life continued pretty much as it had before, but when the Germans ramped up the violence, they got ever increasing violence and sabotage in return. Something to think about.

That's an interesting discussion. I don't think legal prostitution alone can make a country more peaceful. But it can contribute for it.


not for children or men, yes its only for legends @maneki-neko best of luck my dude