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According to statistics, the average duration of sex for men is about 3 minutes.

What is the average duration of sex

Norma is also 1.5 minutes. The countdown happening since the introduction in the vagina penis and to achieve orgasm.

If the male orgasm occurs first 1.5 minutes, it is believed that the man rapid ejaculation.

But that does not mean the presence of diseases or pathologies, rapid ejaculation can be observed with a strong desire to have sex is a specific partner, nervous exhaustion, or after long periods of abstinence.

About average duration of the female orgasm Statistics silent. But there is one thing - sexologists believe that the norm is, if a woman is not every time during sex orgasm. According to other statistics, are not related to the average duration of sex, women are satisfied with 3.5 minutes of sexual intercourse, but subject to daily commit. And sex, lasting more than 20 minutes is considered to be exhausting and not bringing any pleasure. How, then, to be with pornoaktera that throughout the film for adults, manage to have fun? Quite simply, sexologists say, they are accustomed to lengthy sex marathons, taking special drugs, almost do not get pleasure from sex, considering his work.


The normal duration of intercourse is considered time from 3.5 to 10 minutes. Sexologists say that if sex lasts for more than an hour (yes, this also happens, do not be surprised), it causes a negative impact on the body: the heart and blood vessels of both partners with extremely long intercourse experiences monstrous load, and ejaculatory way men can become clogged and cause inflammation.

The surprising fact, but sexologists have found the duration of the relationship healthy sex with older men. As they get older male sex duration gradually decreases and at the age of 22-23, it is minimal, ie, 1.5 minutes. After 24 years the duration of sex gradually increases as decreases the level of sexual excitability, and a man can control himself.


First Sex, usually does not cause any feelings other than pain, humiliation, nervousness and partners receive pleasant sensations only by caresses. If we consider that the first sex requires preparation and lengthy prelude, it should last longer than usual. It is necessary to prepare a partner, be sharp and affectionate.

Nowhere is there standards for the duration of the first time sex. It's fine if you stay within the standard 3.5 minutes, having to make a defloration, but sexual activity if there is a problem with the deprivation of virginity, can last up to 20 minutes. And that's okay too.

Be prepared that deflowering may not happen the first time and repeat deepen the first sexual intercourse is necessary several times.

With the first male sex is much easier. And because they are not able to do that, your partner needs to be finished to a very rapid sexual intercourse, which is rarely lasts longer than 2 minutes.


Sex over 20 minutes tiring partners, but some studies suggest that healthy sex should last at least 31 minutes. It was at this time, secrete hormones that destroy free radicals, chtoprepyatstvuet development of many diseases, including:


Painful menstrual cycle;

Cosmetic problems (skin, hair);

Influenza and SARS;


Violation of the menstrual cycle;

Gynecological diseases;

Psychological problems;

It is an excellent prevention of stroke and hypertension as blood pressure normalizes.

What determines the duration of sex

The normal sex depends on different factors, vedseksualnoe health - a complex of physical and psychological aspects. So, for the duration of normal sex depends on:




The efforts of partner / partner;


Sexual constitution;

Frequency of sex;

Mood partners;

The quality of sexual intercourse;

Condition of the pelvic floor muscles and the ability to manage it.

HOW LONG DOES THE PERFECT SEX: HOW prolong sexual intercourse

During normal hours of sex should take place about 60 frictions. The more often you have sex, the longer it lasts subsequent times, so its extension is necessary to regularly make love. But there are other ways to prolong sex.

The easiest way - a few minutes before ejaculation ask your man to get out of the vagina, and pinch the edge of his coronary penis. Partner will not be pleased, and health, such an extension would be unprofitable sex, but sexual intercourse to last longer.

When you feel that a man is close to a logical conclusion, push the index finger at a point between the anus and the scrotum.

When pressed the man should take a deep breath. It helps not always, but you can try. There is a method that odabrivaet most of sexologists - when a man's penis enters the vagina, he should not immediately make frictions, but must wait until after the first wave of excitation. Then you can have sex as usual, but a few seconds before ejaculation, you need to stop again to make frictions, without removing the penis. This method will occur simultaneous orgasm in men and women.

It is known that condom tightens the male sexual organ and does not allow fully enjoy sex (although there is evidence that it is a myth and does not degrade condom sex life and feeling). So before intercourse, ask a man to wear a condom, preferably made of thick material.

Proper breathing during sex also extends intercourse. Ask your partner during sex to breathe through the nose, making deep breaths. When he feels that orgasm is near, let him take out his dignity from the vagina for a few cm and wait a few seconds. Next, let's take a deep breath and will involve a lower abdomen, then you can continue to have sex, prolonging sex.

To prolong the sexual act should be to choose the right pose. The best considered as "officer" and "Doggie Style", "missionary" in this case, you do not have an assistant.

And, of course, we can not forget about the regular and optimal physical activity, good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

So live longer and prolong sexual intercourse.

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