Some Unknown Benefits of Having Sex

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  1. Keeps your Immune systems good.

In a research it's founded that people who are regular with having sex they are quite healthy and energetic. Sexually active people takes fewer sick days,
People who are sexually active they have much better immune system to fight against germs, intruders even viruses.
Beside sex you should also take some other things to keep you more active and healthy. IMG_20180603_161152.jpg @Mia khalifa

Such as.....

*Eat proper food
*Get enough sleep
*Use condom if needed

  1. Boosts your libido

If you want to make your body more energetic then you need to focus on your physical exersize, after giving much strenth on your body then you get a muscular body, Boosting libido is just like that, if you sex daily then your libido will be more increase meanwhile.
For woman having regular sex ups vaginal lubrications by which it keeps woman's vagina good and healthy. IMG_20180603_161159.jpg @Mia khalifa

  1. Improve womans bladder control

Good sex is like good workout, a strong orgasm helps a woman to strong pelvic floor muscles and a strong pelvic floor is very important for incontinence. for more details about incontinence ![images (10).jpeg]

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Good one there.
Are you a sex counsellor?

Not like that but I am a Researcher, I love to know everything. However last night I was reading some books about good sex so I write it.