Causes of female infidelity

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Why sometimes a faithful wife and caring mother, family happiness which seems serene, appears in the strong arms of another man. The reasons for female adultery a few, and they need male attention.

  1. The most banal - sexual frustration. The husband could not guess that does not satisfy the spouse. And telling him that she was afraid. As if not to offend the faithful. Since this recognition, it can be seen as a rebuke of impotency. Again, the scandals, quarrels and insults. I still not get. For some better quietly go to the left.

  2. Husband satisfied in bed everything in, but deprive. And a woman should feel like a woman. After several years of marriage the passion subsided – wife that she was there, washing dishes in the kitchen, in the apartment running around children, everything is stable and good. Men forget that a woman loves the ears and be the best she needs to constantly. Woman, it is important to know and feel that she like, what she admired are complements and achieve. After all, regardless of age, marital status, a woman wants to be wanted. If the woman wants the attention of men, she would look for it on the side and pay at the same sex. Most likely, this is the main reason why a woman cheats.

  3. Cheating as revenge. What else to pay for cheating on her husband? In a fit of anger and under the influence of emotions woman decides on a sexual relationship with another man, and for a long time it will not be to choose with whom and with the casting, most likely it will either be the first or a longtime fan. Just the law of the jungle – “an eye for an eye”.

  4. A lack of discipline. Both among men and among women there are those who like to collect their sexual victories, to calculate and compare their partners. Love and respect to her husband there can be no question, most likely the marriage was contracted under the influence of external factors or third parties.

  5. Replacement husband. Sometimes a woman is so tired of imperfect family life, honey was not so nice and it's time to change something. And the woman embarks on a search for a new life partner. As soon as she can find a replacement for former and unloved, leaves her husband without remorse.

  6. Passion. Just asked for a corporate party or with friends. This usually happens under the influence of alcohol and festive excitement. Remorse and guilt to her husband.

  7. Just love for another man.

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