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RE: Normalization of pedophilia

in #sex5 years ago

You better be really fucking sure you want to make those associations. Remind me again who keeps molesting kids? Remind me again who breeds like cockroaches but only cares about life before it's born? Remind me again who keeps getting caught cheating on their wives by snorting coke off some gay hooker's cock in a public restroom? Oh ya, that's not LGBT people. That's the fear-mongering "family values" mob. And by family values, they seem to mean "kill women and children".

You're delusional. LGBT people want nothing to do with pedophiles. The only people making those associations are ... well, scumbags. Oh so you have anecdotal evidence that one gay guy at some point in history ..... but the ten straight guys every single day don't count? That's called cherry-picking, a logical fallacy.

For one, Twitter is even more of a self-absorbed cesspool than Steemit, impossible as that seems. For two, don't claim free speech and personal liberty then play the victim when someone else exercises free speech to call out your playing God by thinking you get to remove someone else's agency. 'Cause then you're just a useful idiot serving a radical deviant agenda.

If morons like you represent "society", it can't collapse fast enough.

You aren't saying anything you weren't spoon-fed. We've heard all of this idiocy a thousand times already. Try again.


Whatever greece, rome, and now western civilsation. Same scenario, normalized pedo, deviant fringes creating legislation and wholesale collapse of society.

If by "deviant fringes" you mean:


If by "western civilization" you mean brown people are slaves and women know their place, it can't collapse fast enough.


Your masters are the only ones trying to brainwash the most gullible morons in society that anyone is "normalizing pedophilia" other than those of you who keep claiming it's specific to any demographic but theirs. Make sure you ignore any statistics you could find with a simple web search. Or at least the ones that don't reinforce your preconceived notions.

Fucking cattle don't realize they're being herded.

You're not original. You're just vomiting up someone else's completely debunked bigotry.

Just because your parents didnt work and probably created you as a formality dont knock the normies that have great lives.

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