'Sex is like medicine'!!!

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Jamie Verdi's wife Rebecca Verdi reveals the secret of England's success in the World Cup. He is also known as Bucky Vardi. He said, not like any other party or any other party. The England team's players have been given the opportunity to have sex freely with their wives and girlfriends. In this case, keep any kind of stupidity. As a result, the players have kept their mentality with their wives or girlfriends outside the field.
And that's the key to their success. Strikers Jamie Verdi's wife Rebecca has not disclosed anything to the public and has publicly declared it absolutely open. He appreciated the team manager for this. That said, the Manager Gareth Southgate did the right thing. He knows what will happen if his squad members have mentality. So he allowed them to associate freely with friends. He gave an interview to The Sun in London from the St. Petersburg Hotel. Rebecca Vardy said that, the manager's decision has made the right decision to fix the mentality. He is mixed with the players. Melt naturally with them. He will talk to everyone in the family. After the game, he realized the family values. So the players have relaxed their mentality. Sex in this case is like medicine. Closing it before a game means showing the red card to the player. There is no scientific evidence that if you hide the sex then it will be successful. Rather it leads to performance. So the manager gave English players permission. There has been a rumor for the past few days. That's why the English players' wives and girlfriends are staying in a five-star hotel in Russia. There were several players who were seen secretly in there. They spent time alone there with them. However, Rebecca Verdi said that the team is following the instructions of the manager. The manager passed the pass. So why do you do this secretly. England to face the final sixteenth-quarter final, Colombia must face Colombia Rebecca wants to return to Belgium where they have lost in 1-0. What is the need for him? Players keep on spinning. They need time for them alone. Establish sexual relation.


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