Help me with my sewing a dream...

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Hiya folks!  Well sad stuff happened... I found a magnificent sewing machine, embroidery really.  It's unique, it uses a game boy to help it print Mario patterns (and others).  I know there's machines out there for about 500 that use USB to print "ANYTHING"... but consider this my little dream.. maybe you can help make it happen. (it's $1600)

I was actually in the process of purchasing it with Paypal Credit. Although I was approved, the purchase was flagged as "suspicious"due to its high cost.  So it locked me out and now I'm in the process of getting this thing cleared up.  Seriously I have no issue paying $66 for 24 months for something like this, but quite impossible for a single payment.

So I opened a gofundme, a site that lets people fund you for "dreams/wishes" basically a glorified wish list... if funded, I can purchase it and start sewing up some really cool Mario themed items like shirts and patches. I see something like embroidered characters + 1 large iron on image in the center using my plotter and heat press.. oh it'd look so awesome -_-   The machine is sold as malfunctioning, however I would definitely get it repaired by the appropriate people. It's worth every penny..

Well here's the link again (same as on top)
Normally people get funded for things like college, or opening a store (wow talk about big dreams)  but this is a simple little machine that I do promise to use for the good of the internet... seriously google this machine up, nobody is using it to sell custom clothing on amazon/ebay etc... if I get this, expect a wave of cool stuff made by me ;)

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T-T my dream is dying... I'll never get it >.< HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!