One Black & White Photograph Daily for 70 days - Day #15


Snap taken : 25 May 2009
Camera : NOKIA, Model : N-78

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Wow....this picture tells a story....
I'm an aspiring mobile photographer just like you...happy to see this post!😊

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Awesome 👏✊👍

black and white photography. Really Love your photography my friend

You shoot with a very impressive black and white look. I like your photography.

wow such a great picture. this is not only a picture where ever represented a feel a story and some one realty also great job dear.

Sir @royalmacro, If you allow me to give an interpretation of this photo, I think my intrepretatiom will make this pucture more alive.

Look at the simplicity of the building in this photo, look at the woman who has short body and the old woman beside her, and then look at the situation of the small woman who stands up and finally look at the old woman sitting.

For me, seeing this picture reminds myself, the small body or the deficiencies of poverty doesn't prevent you from worshiping parents. Then why we have a perfect not good for our parents?

Thanks for sharing this picture sir. God bless you

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wow !!! what an observation & thinking .... thank you very much for this wonderful comment. I completely agree with you :)


Thanks you sir, I really appreciate it. I'm sorry sir if mention your name in my last post under title "belajar dari kesalahan untuk sukses kemudian". Its means "Learning from mistakes to get a succes next". In my last post I want to share how a good comment and our understanding to what we comment is most important. But if you mind, i will erase a mention. God bless you

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Contrast and light are amazing!❤. Absolutely wonderful photography! ❤ beautiful shot!

Very pathetic scene, picture tells the reality, Due to the dirty politics the welfare scheme of government never reach to the poorest people.