72 Years Ago on 5 September!

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On September 5, 1946 was born Farrokh Bulsara. The name of Farrokh Bulsara may not say anything to many (including me, for a long time).

It's an important name in the world music after being changed into Freddie Mercury!

Yes, today Freddie Mercury would have turned 72. Still, he would have been younger than Paul McCartney or Mick Jagger!

Born on September 5, 1946 in Zanzibar, Tanzania, emigrated with his family to England in 1964. He became lead vocalist of the rock band Queen. It was one of the most famous and special rock vocals with a four-octave vocal range. Voice soloist and composer. One of the best-known musicians in the world.


Unfortunately, he died at age 45, in 1991, being infected with AIDS.

This year was released a movie that portrays Mercury's life. I hear it's very good, I have not seen it yet.


A wonderful and unmistakable voice, a scenic presence full of vitality and wonderful songs, known all over the world ... it was Freddie Mercury!

I think it's time to remember his music.

I'll post seven days a Queen song with Freddie Mercury. The songs I liked the most.

Day 1

Two linked songs, sung at the Wembley Stadium in 1986. Freddie Mercury and Brian May in the foreground. You can see the reaction of the public.

Source - Click here if the video don't play

Freddie Mercury was Queen's voice. Unmistakable! After his death, he was replaced by Paul Rodgers and Adam Lambert. Very good musicians, but the Queen ... not the same!


A proposal!

I dare to propose a challenge, a music challenge!

I have participated in many such challenges and I have not always been able to put all the music I like. That is why I propose to all music lovers this simple challenge.

The rules:

Choose a musician, a band you like.
Post seven videos with that musician, not necessarily on consecutive days.
Use the #sevensongs tag.

Recommended (but not compulsory) is to write something about the musician or the song. That's to help those who don't know those musicians. This is to help us make a post that meets the minimum requirements of at least 50 words and at least one photo or video!


A few more explanations:

  • Wishing to participate as many as possible, I proposed a minimum of rules. There is no requirement to indicate the name of the initiator or to propose someone to participate.

  • This challenge can provide a theme to post for the moment when we are in lack of inspiration.

  • Most importantly, it reminds us of favorite music. It helps us get to know each other better when we know our passions and pleasures!

  • I'm not Greek but I know many Greek colleagues who love music. That's why I used @greek-trail, maybe they will be interested to participate.


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I really enjoyed your post. I love Queen's music, but haven't watched the movie either. I look forward to seeing your others posts. Thank you so much for sharing the music. I can't wait to hear it all.


I'm very glad you like music, you like Queen. Thank you!

A true legend of Music, I am looking forward to whenthe movie comes out in November its one I for sure will see


Yes, you have right. A legend! I'm just waiting to see the movie, too.


Yes, you have right. A
Legend! I'm just waiting to
See the movie, too.

                 - bluemoon

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I was and I am his great fan. I associate many great memories with his music. Till day, it is hard for me to believe that such a voice has gone forever.

Thank you for this post.

You made my day and my heart is beating faster then normal. It is always like that because he is in my heart.

"I am musician prostitute" that killed him so quickly :(


I knew Margaret you are a big fan of Freddie. I was hoping to see the post. I'm so glad you saw it. Thank you!