Door Tuesday - The Doors that say ART!

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One step away from MAGACIN - independent art center, and gallery OSTAVINSKA there are these doors. It was so nice to se them here, so colorful and pretty. These doors are not an entrance to the art center, nr they belong to that center. They are just nearby. This is an evident proof or spreading of art, and this show the power and restlessness of creativity.
Those artists, standing on the street, in front of the art center, just couldn't help it. Sorry folks who live here, they just couldn't, OK?

And, while I was standing there, and taking a photo, a man came out from this building. A common man. He looked at me thinking : "Why is she taking a photo of our door???".
I hope that later, as he was walking away an idea of how (maybe)special these doors were, slipped his mind.

This is my post to the #SevenDaysOutside challenge by @erikah.
And the topics by days:

-WindowMonday – Windows
-DoorTuesday – Doors
-RustArtWednesday – Rust
-GateThursday – Gates
-StatueFriday – Statues
-BrickSaturday – Bricks (bricks only, no pavement elements or cobblestones please)
-StreetlampSunday – Street Lamps

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