Seven Days Outside - Door Tuesday

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This contest makes me look at doors in a whole new way!

You can participate in #sevendaysoutside by posting a photo from the themes listed below each day.

#WindowMonday – Windows
#DoorTuesday – Doors
#RustArtWednesday – Rust
#GateThursday – Gates
#StatueFriday – Statues
#BrickSaturday – Bricks (bricks only, no pavement elements please)
#StreetlampSunday – Street Lamps

Use the #sevendaysoutside tag along with the daily tag.

#sevendaysoutside by @erikah.

Photo by @ellenripley - Julie Smitham. All rights reserved.

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Haha! I would never have thought of the birdhouse :)

I was running short of doors. 😃