door tuesday — my door

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Welcome to my home.

This is what visitors see when they come to my door.

This is what I see from the inside out.

Home is a refuge
not only from the world,
but a refuge from my worries, my troubles, my concerns.
I like beautiful things around me
because it delights my eyes and my soul is lifted up.
Maya Angelou

photos by

Nikon D3100
Nikkor Lens 55mm f/1.8
Adobe Lightroom

©All rights reserved, 2018

Thanks to @erikah for initiating #sevendaysoutside photography challenge.


I love your wreath! What a welcoming entry.

These wreaths are great to have - but unfortunately they don't last.

They absorb a lot of moisture and expand a bit and eventually fall apart. I love the way it looks and end up purchasing one every year. I think they are made from thin twigs of some sort but not bound together except on the ring.

I love the color in this one though the most- it brings the colors in my shrubs together.

I had one last year with forsythia on it and they year prior was just plain jane. :)

My front door is full length glass and I have not figured out a practical way to hang one. I love your door. It makes me want to go front door shopping!

There are magnets for your kind of door. Strong ones that connect through the glass. So the hook goes on the glass outside and another disc with a magnet inside the glass.

Probably Home Depot most likely. The other way is a hanger that goes over the door but I don't know how well those work with the tight seals we have on doors today. :)

I tried the hanger, but the door didn't close well. I didn't know about the magnets. I'll look for them!

Wow! That looks like my door...and my wreath, and my car in the driveway reflected in the window....Hey!

Whaaaaat? How could THAT be?

I too had a front door just the same color! A beautiful color with white trim! lol Such similarities we have @countrygirl. Your flowers are truly lovely, wonderful for your private sanctuary :) All the best my friend!

I like the view from the inside. That always interests me. I remember trick-or-treating as a kid and looking inside people's houses, wondering how looking out looked. <--there's a tongue twister. Lovely house.

I did that as a kid too....I always wanted to see inside other people's houses - I wasn't nosey just curious.

Not long ago, I had a neighbor's little girl (age 8) come and ask if she could see inside our house. I was a bit apprehensive about it - these days we have to be so careful in case our intentions are misunderstood. I made her go ask her mom....but she came in and walked around said thanks and left. Guess she was satisfied. :)

Looking out is very nice here and it was a tongue twister.

Ha! That little girl sounds interesting. Maybe this type of curiosity is more common than we think. I know when my son went into my neighbor's house (something we've only done once over the years; we are more the talk-in-the-driveway type of neighbors) he flopped right down on his couch. This was out of character for my shy kid, but I think that foreign couch was just too intriguing not to test out.

I feel the pull to look out my door too - just to observe. Maybe the mind seeks out picture frames to put our perspective into :)

Your son sounds like a real sweetheart. I love kids with character.

I like how you worded that about perspective and a possible need to frame those thoughts.

"Door Tuesday?" Is this a new one? I can't seem to keep any of them straight!

Nice door, though. The wreath is a nice touch. :-)

It's not new new....just new to me. I'm not completing it though - there were too many rules for it being a challenge and if you don't do it "properly" you get a comment from the person who created the tag. #whysoserious? I have enough stress to worry about such things.

Thanks Mark.

That does sound like unnecessary stress. Well, it's "Wide Angle Wednesday," and there's no stress at all there :-)

Lovely views, both inside and out...
Thankful for daily bread...



You can have some daily bread too. Isn't that a great cross stitch? I grabbed it at a flea market a few years ago and it fit just perfectly in the window. Adds a lovely golden glow.

It is very fitting in every way... :D

I love your door. The fact is it stands out inviting people in with its dark green colour against the lighter greys in the brickwork. I like the wreath too. It adds another layer of colour inviting you for a closer look.

Aw. Thanks so much @cecicastor. You are welcome any time :)

What a lovely decoration! Really you all the way. I really like how you make a simple door to stand out.

Thanks @emmamia. You know me well. :)

That's a lovely door. I like the windows on the side. Let's in plenty of light.

Yes it does...sometimes I feel vulnerable with so much openness at the door but I like it anyhow. It's a nice feature.

Awesome photography. That 55mm produces awesome clear images!

Thanks so much!!

Do you have a wreath all year round? It's a nice touch! Makes it look almost cottagy from these angles. Thanks for inviting us in, quite literally this time :)

Yes, I put up different wreaths throughout the year for different seasons. I'm happy you felt it was that is the look I was going for. Although the house is more formal in style, I'm not. :)

I try to keep things simple and whimsical.

Thanks for your thoughtful comments.

Pretty and a very inviting entrance. The different shades of brick makes it much more interesting than one tone.

Home is comfort and wsrmth, joy and family. ♥

I like the brick too although my husband didn't at first. But once I planned the garden and shrubbery and the front door color it all made sense. I purposely stayed away from an obvious blue and went for a green blue.

Thank you for you kind comments. :)

Nice door I like it 😘

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That's a nice door with a beautiful wreath!

WOW. How are you my dear friend ?
I am happy to see you live in a perfect house :)
Those who see the door will guess that you are very sweet people inside.
It looked very hot. Excellent compositions. congratulations

I'm well thank you! Hope you are as well.

Yes, welcome to my house :) I try to make it a friendly place. Thank you.

Wonderful door! You know I love those floral wreaths at the doors? Yours is beautiful and evokes Spring!

I love playing with wreaths. I used to make them years ago but I've been buying them instead (on sale of course). Pretty soon I'll have to replace this one as it's coming apart. It will allow me another photo opportunity :)

Me too! I used to have on my big house in Portugal, outside and inside! Noe on my small apartment I only hang them on Xmas! Don't forget that photo once you replace it (it still looks amazing!)