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Wow nice short gopd photo thanks for sharing.........///////

Wow wonderful photography

Levitating cup. Mind tricks?


@rebele93 I was at a semi regular sensory depravation float tank appointment this morning. The place has like a small tea lounge/sitting area where I found that book post-float. The intent was to make it appear as though it was floating, so I’m glad the effect came across.


@intuitivejakob was telling me about the float tank... I think I'm a bit claustrophobic for that experience.


@rebele93 You might want to talk to @lpfaust about this place. He booked the suite. It's an open tub, versus the sealed in pods.

Personally, I'm all for the hermetic experience of the pod, but I haven't tried the suite yet either.


@rebele93 they have two options: a suite (which is basically a small pool inside a dark, soundproof room) or a pod.

In the past I have booked the suite, but today I opted to try the pod. Personally, I’m a big advocate of semi regular sensory depravation. It’s an incredible experience and I have a blog post about my very first experience.


I'll check it out!

Can't wait to hear how it went. I'll be going back when there's less ice on the road!


@intuitivejakob the place is incredible. I love both Inngi Float and Samana, but all things equal, Inngi is absolutely incredible and will be my regular spot going forward. Glad I picked up the two floats for the cost of one. The courtesy tea bar and sitting area is awesome.



I am going on a day where there isn't a sheet of ice on the road. I may drop-in this weekend. I could use a relaxer.

Very beautiful photography! Thanks for sharing!
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Very stylish photo!

Will there be no more contests?

I really like these things
thanks for participating

Is this a true cup or not? This is mind blowing :D Great photography friend!


Is the book good? Good effect with the floating cup.


@dbooster I didn't have a whole bunch of time to read , but the concept was very cool. It's about the connection between humans, their mood and water.

wow such a pure bliss to see this shot interesting :)


@blazing it's from the sitting area/tea bar of the sensory deprivation float tanks I spent some time in. Excellent place.


wow great to hear that thanks for telling about this place :) Merry Christmas :D have loads of fun !!

I haven't tried sensory deprivation yet but it's on my list!


@sunravelme I first got into sensory deprivation after doing a subcultures piece on Psychonauts. I wound up jumping into sensory deprivation to do a Deeper Dive into the subculture, and wrote a blog about it here on Steemit.

After that experience, I am a very strong advocate that everyone should try this at least once. Each time I go into the tank, it gives me a chance to listen more intently and learn something more about my subconscious mind.

beautiful photography!

Great combination of colors and a black and white very attractive. I love your posts and I'm very excited.
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Woah this is a truly dazzling black and white photo.

I like the range of tones in this black and white image. Well done!

the power and energy of b&w photo.

Wow...such a wonderful and cretive b&w camera click by @lpfaust
But U dont have nominate some steemian today... @lpfaust please nominate one steemian challenge with U today...
Good luck..

Very unique pic

Wow nice short good photo thanks for sharing..
have a good day...

Very classic look pic

Wow that's a wonderful photography.just outstanding.

@lpfaust - Sir it's a stunning photography... Wonderful color theme for it Sir...

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beautiful shot classic in black and white

really very nice photography.....

Wonderfull dear bro...

Thnx for sharing

Merry Christmas

Gift from me ☺

Gorgeous photo. I have always wanted to do sensory deprivation, but have never had the opportunity.