Seven Day Black and White Challenge Day 3 — Steemit
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Makes you feel like you are hanging on the fence watching. I can almost feel my fingers in the chain-link.


@yvsoler I was surprised to see you’ve made it to Steemit. Very happy to see that.

A friend from the Rocky Mountain Steemit Accelerator @intuitivejakob asked me to participate in the seven Day Black and White Challenge. This particular shot came from the Christmas party/event Inattended yesterday. It’s from the axe throwing range. Turns out I’m pretty good at throwing axes.


Why does it not surprise me @lpfaust that you are good at throwing axes? ;)

@lpfaust sir...
Wow...such a wonderful and creative b&w photograpy idea..
I think that is garage room...
Good luck..

wow,,excellent photography,thanks for the post sharing

Awesome photography,very good job,thanks for sharing

wonderful bwchallenge photography,thanks for sharing

wow this one looks freaking cool for the challenge :)


@blazing it’s from the Christmas party I attended yesterday at an axe throwing venue. I thought the way the targets were lit in the throwing cages made for a pretty killer pic.

I’m no photographer, but I’m glad the finished picture came out as I hoped it would. I have some other B & W shots from this place which I thought were just as good.


oh wow great to know about that :)

What is this place? It seems like archery practicing area! Wow you made a nice capturing and BW them we suited to it!



@theguruasia it’s an axe throwing venue.

I was at a Christmas party in that venue yesterday and I thought the way the targets were lit up would have made for some killer pics.


Axe throwing venue :O Wow better be stay away from it :D Thank you friend!


Good picture, but i dont get the story behind the subject


@farseer this afternoon I went to a company Christmas party and the event was axe throwing. This picture is a view into the cage where participants were throwing axes.

Yes, I participated.

Excellent photography
100% like and resteem

looking unique photography...awesome...
this is the time ..for white and it .

wow very beautiful photography
Thanks @lpfaust
Have a nice day

nice has a very deep meaning if if look at it in a different angle..nice one :)


@steemclaira personally, I didn’t see a deeper meaning. Rather, I simply loved how the lighting and shadows captured the feeling of being in the throwing cage.

Very amazing b w pics , thanks for sharing

Amazing b&w pic, I like and upvoted, thank u

wonderful bwchallenge photography..have a good day...

Damm now that's the shot of the day @lpfaust good to see you :)


@steemphotography glad you enjoyed it. It’s from a Christmas party at an axe throwing venue.

A friend from The Rocky Mountain Steemit Accelerator (@intuitivejakob) asked me to participate in the Seven Day Black and White Photo Challenge. Im not a photographer by any stretch, just a dude dabbling with filters on my iPhone for a friend.

wow bro what an amazing shot this is wonderful :)

good theme of Black and White Challenge.

Thanks for sharing.

Steem on and stay blissful.

good to see you in seven day b & w challenge.

enjoy ur time.

This one is really looking awesome.

so the seven day challenge is on....

have a great day.

Thanks you for sharing what nice photography

you just made a fantastic photography. well suited to bw color challenge. impressive work @lpfaust

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wow very cool shot looks amazing very very interesting

@lpfaust - Sir it looks like a target & you can shoot it... Nice photography you made there Sir... It's very suitable to BW photo challenge of today...

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nice one, I always like the black & white effects :)

Amazing and wonderful blk & wht photograpy idea...
Wel done and perfect work @lpfaust sir...
That is wonderful contest...