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what an experience that would have been simply outstanding photography.loving to your B & W photo.


@robert31 I find myself stranded in Denver International Airport trying to get to New York. Funny thing is a goup left earlier for Qatar, nd will land before I even see my plane. At any rate, this is a pic from Terminal A some time around midnight.

I should have taken some pics of everyone sleeping all over the terminal.


oh ! no you are did miss should had taken some pics of everyone sleeping all over the terminal.
but i hope your success photography.

fabulous one and Outstanding b & w picture. Excellent photography.
thanks for sharing
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Outstanding B&W capture @ipfaust. Seems upper flow and now you in first floor. :D Challenge accepted by you..

Glorious shot I have ever seen. That's professional skills used. Thank you @ipfaust.
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fantastic subject for b&w photo.

Wow it's amazing photography! Thank you very much for sharing! You made a great photo shot there!


nice one..i don't know that why i prefer black and white over coloured ones..but for me they are so sharp and more eye catching :)

Amazing b@w photography. Excellent art work. Thanks

Nice photography...

its really great,black @ white always be best......keep it up

beautifully designed achitecture..

Wow great work and very beautiful photography
Thanks @lpfaust
Have a great day

the most beautiful colors in black and white.
a wonderful photo. thanks @lpfaust

This is wonderful photography
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Such a beautiful shot this is very nice

Truly fantastic photo. Full marks from my side. Stay blessed.

Good capture!!!!!!

fantastic shot for the challenge this is amazing

Nicely taken shot buddy !
looks pretty cool work !

black and white colours are making this shot more beautiful

pretty cool and nice excellent photography

impressive photography & nice color theme bw @lpfaust

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interesting shot where is it i liked it


Denver International Airport

@lpfaust - This is a wonderful photography Sir... Nice scenery you captured very well... Well suited to the color challenge Sir...


i would love to climb on that thing haha it would be cool thanks for posting this pic @lpfaust nice click

fabulous shot perfectly clicked : )

magnificent shot wonderfully taken :)

great photo :)

Great work @lpfaust
Keep it up🙌

DIA!!!! You mentioned something about some craziness happening on your recent flights @lpfaust over the RMS discord server. Pretty gnarly weather on the east coast?

Howdy @lpfaust,

This photo looks like railway track but this photo looks really nice, Upvoted!
feel free to checkout my recent post :)