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That would be a great photography and I like what that can said :D



@theguruasia it's from a vegan gastropub in Colorado Springs. The food is incredible and I'd encourage any who find themselves in Colorado Springs to stop by.

Love that place but they took my koozie last time! I gotta go back.


Every time I get out to the Springs, I always try to get to the Burrowing Owl. Still here @intuitivejakob.

vegans rocking the game ... very cool shot there by you thanks man for sharing


@steemphotography the image is from a vegan gastropub called Burrowing Owl. That place was awesome.

hahah me too lol :)
i like this one thanks for sharing

what a nice picture!!! loved the monochrome colors and that line ;)

hahah you got no chill at all :D perfect shot


@blazing the merchant at that place is awesome.

I wanna rock & fire using Vegan as f***. Gives calm feelings.
Talented b&w capture you uploaded @lpfaust.


The beer cozy comes from a bar in Colorado Springs. It defines itself as a vegan gastropub. F you ever find yourself in Colorado Springs, I highly recommend it.

you are enjoying the vegan drink superb :)


@cutiepie the drink was a Graham Cracker Porter (beer) from the Denver Brewing Company. The tag line on the cozy is from the vegan gastropub I was at (the Burrowing Owl). That place is awesome.

The truth has been spoken ;)
thanks for sharing this amazing shot

vegan as f@#$. excellent bw category photography. rare capture @lpfaust



@resteemia it was a cozy from a vegan gastropub I hit up last night in Colorado Springs called the Burrowing Owl. Killer place I would suggest hitting up if you find yourself in the Colorado Springs.

Lol I thought this was a coke can with that phrase on it. Burrowing Owl eh? My buddy speaks highly of that place, and it's actually pretty close to my house! Maybe we could meet up there sometime :)


@falseyedols I'd love to catch up there with you sometime. The place is a vegan gastropub and it's awesome. @intuitivejakob loves the place as well.


It is great! @amvanaken had a very cool meetup there a couple months back.

That stubby holder though!

"Vegan as Fuck" I love it!

Wow...such a wonderful and interesting bnw photograpy by @lpfaust sir...
That is beer?....

this post very nice..and great photography...i appreciate your contest..carry on my friend!!!!!!!!!!by@lpfaust

wellcome to the b&w photo contest.

I wonder if anybody can be kind off vegan or almost vegan? Anyway I liked your commitment to being vegan :)

Now how cool is that its incredible nice photo that is :)

its a refreshing feeling its so beautiful one ;)

Wow nice photography.
Thanks for sharing

It's really black and white photography dear .
Amazing shot and thanks for sharing .


excellent shot and the classiness in that

hahaha i actually liked this one resteemed

Wow... Thats really amazing photography.
Sir @lpfaust
Thanks for sharing very nice photography and nice quote on the that black andwhite photo also looking awesome..thank you for sharing with us...

@lpfaust - Sir this is not only a BW contest entry, this photography gives a nice message to the community too Sir... Wonderful capture Sir... Nice you decided to share it...