7 Day Black n White Challenge - Day 1 with @strangerarray

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Happy 2018 Steemians!

Day 1 of my 7 Day Black n White Challenge.

Thanks to @micheletrainer for nominating me for the 7 Day Black n White Challenge.

Day 1 nominee @velimir

Here are the "rules":

• Seven black and white images that represent an aspect of your life.

• Present one image every day for seven days.

• No people.

• No explanation.

• Nominate someone every day, but anyone can join the fun.

• Use the tag - #sevendaybnwchallenge - as one of your five tags.



@strangerarray Black and white looks great the picture of your kitchen

Hmm. something you look at everyday, mostly in the morning?

I don't have this because I am poorer than rat hehe I only drink water from a deep well in morning, noon, evening (^_^)

I think it may have been one of the best, or at least my favorite!

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