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I'm a oud perfumist specialist were my world revolves around my nose literally.

Daily in my work i mix different notes of ingredients varying from wood oud to various types of flowers to create a fragrance that suits the personality and mood of our clients known as 'bespoke perfume'.

This picture is a shot of our cloche table were clients can sample different sillage (french word for 'through smoke')

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@shaff.aff beautiful capture and a story behind it, good to see u active on steemit finally! good luck with the contest ;)

What a beautiful job, must be lovely to be surrounded by the amazing fragrance everyday


Thank u for ur reply. True indeed as long as u are not sensitive to the strong smells because u know ..too many types of fragrances can cause u a headache. I had this problem before then after some years i became immuned but yeh it's a passion! Hehehe

cool...I want to be a perfumist. I have a very sensative smell.


If u have a natural gift u should consider to be 1 of the perfumist ;) and the knowledge about perfume totally never ending....

Sounds like an interesting job. I am curious do we need to go through years of training before qualified to be perfumist? Also I always hear people talk about real and fake perfume. What is it all about?


Hi @iamjadeline to be a perfumist of course it needs experience in perfume and knowledge about it's ingredients but don't worry the longer u are in the industry the more knowledge u gain as long as u have the passion for it, beside you need to have a good nóse hihihi

i did training on how to blend perfume & what type of scents based on my client personalities and mood, the Perfume world is big all depends on how deep u want to dive in and explore. I hope one day I can travel to a perfumery school in France to learn more .. Dream big!;)

Your second question about real and fake..there's a huge difference! Some people maybe can't afford to buy real perfume as it is a bit costly but we still have a choice to buy the original of other items from bodymist, eau de toillete, eau de parfum, or oud de parfum, from masstige to prestige perfume, but fake perfume are always something that comes out with an inspired copy, or a scent from another brand, and the ingredients are totally more of alcohol and water and not the healthy ingredients which would not last after use and will smell so different from the real one and can be dangerous to your skin and health.

But we all have a choice on what we want to put on our body and find a match to our identity with the perfume used, I always tell my customers that perfume is about how u value yourself. Everyone deserves a good quality perfume! Because this is your scent and your signature.


Amazing knowledge and information! Keep it up on sharing this kind of info with the community and you will strive in no time ;)

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