White Refections

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Spotted Ratfish-1.jpg

For the third day of my black and white challenge I present to you one of the more bizarre members of the shark family, or more precisely the elasmobranch family a Pacific Spotted Ratfish.

The harmless, scaleless, reflective fish are very curious when encountered on dives and will swim right up to you to investigate who and what you might be. Their shiny sliver bodies and brilliantly white spots can be hard to photograph due to their reflective properties but get a good image is pretty easy since these guys tend to stick around and don't more all that quickly.

Thanks for reading.


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I would love to see this picture in the color too <3

Certainly, I'm travelling right now but if I have it I will post it but if I don't I will post it once I'm back home.

ok :D

Great photoshoot

It seems so good.

Firsh lovely post good job friend

@ihsanbhr Follow :=)

Nice work