Seven Day B&W challenge - Day 7 - Closure

Hello fellow Steemiacs,

I am posting my final submission for the black & white photo challenge.

The Challenge

These are the rules to be taken into account:

• Seven black and white images that represent an aspect of your life.
• Present one image every day for seven days.
• No people.
• No explanation.
• Nominate someone every day, but anyone can join the fun.
• Use the tag - #sevendaybnwchallenge - as one of your five tags.

Having been nominated  by @tking77798, today I am nominating @svashta for this challenge. He usually posts some creative writing entries. But I am also miring your slav squats, haha. Let's see some creative photography :-)

Until next time,
Yours, @replichara


It’s great to see you finished the challenge. Merry Xmas and enjoy he wine!

Yes, I pulled through 8-) Thanks, Merry Chirstmas to you as well!

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