Seven Day B&W challenge - Day 2 - Obsession

in #sevendaybnwchallenge5 years ago (edited)

Greetings Steemiacs,

I'm presenting my second entry to the B&W challenge:

I wish I had a better camera than my ol' iPhone4's one. Gonna work with what I got.

The Challenge

These are the rules to be taken into account:

• Seven black and white images that represent an aspect of your life.
• Present one image every day for seven days.
• No people.
• No explanation.
• Nominate someone every day, but anyone can join the fun.
• Use the tag - #sevendaybnwchallenge - as one of your five tags.

Thanks to @tking77798 for the nomination.

Today I am nominating @exercisinghealth who has published some high quality, educative material on human movement :-)

Yours, @replichara


Just one tip, I agree with your opinion of @celestal's blog but he already did it!

And "obsession"... boy, I should know...

Ugh, did not scroll down far enough to see those posts. Thanks for the note.

Interesting composition, nice picture

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