Seven Day B&W challenge - Day 1 - Apoptosis

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Greetings Steemiacs,

thank you for nominating me for this challenge @tking77798 ! I'll give this a try. Sounds like fun. Here is my first submission:

The Challenge

These are the rules to be taken into account:

• Seven black and white images that represent an aspect of your life.
• Present one image every day for seven days.
• No people.
• No explanation.
• Nominate someone every day, but anyone can join the fun.
• Use the tag - #sevendaybnwchallenge - as one of your five tags.

In return, I am nominating @irime . In her blog, she combines science, art and culture in a wonderful and insightful way. I am sure she will come up with some awesome photographs!.

Until tomorrow, then!

Yours, @replichara

Nice perspective. I feel like I'm looking down at a roof, but the leaves and windows make me question it.

Yes, @tking77798, you were not wrong in your perceptions! ;-)

Confusion was successful, then! It's an inner courtyard with giant leaves made of some glassy plastic.

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