reminds me of inception. well done =)

I was aiming for an Escher look but I think I will have to go and watch Inception now. This house was designed by an architect ;) But MC Escher was the grandaddy of all of things that look like this

It kind of looks like the shadow is echoed

Yes, there are two lightbulbs in the fitting and I took this picture late in the day with the lights on. At first I was going to discard this image but then I decided that I actually liked it most

good play of light and shadow.

@nikv very interesting angle, and the lighting is just right :) I'm close to the end of my challenge.

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Great photo! Love black and white ones :)

you are best

Nice leading lines ...

I like the shadows , charming

there`s a mistery in this photo! I like it!

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