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RE: 📷 "Lost Life" (Seven Day Black and White Challenge: Day 3)

in #sevendaybnwchallenge6 years ago (edited)

Thanks! You've also got some REALLY nice photos, dang! I'm subscribing and will be keeping an eye on your stuff from now on :)


Thank you, I'm very glad that you think so! :)

I'll be investing in a real camera pretty soon (I've only had phone cameras so far), so hopefully I'll also be releasing things in the near future. I've been wanting to buy one for 10 years now, so I better get it done now. Hopefully before the eleventh year :D

Oh, yeah, do it! You'll see that a proper DSLR will give you a lot more control and flexibility on the photos you are taking. But keep in mind that what probably matters more than the camera body itself and the lenses you are going to get. They should be good and should be suitable for the types of photography you want to do.

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