Day 7 - Seven Day B&W Photo Challenge

The challenge is to post 7 black and white photos that represent an aspect of your life.

  • One photo each day for 7 days
  • No people
  • No explanation
  • Nominate someone every day, although anyone can join in
  • Use the tag #sevendaybnwchallenge as one of your 5 tags

Big thanks to my buddy @tarotbyfergus for getting me to participate in this challenge. The STEEM and SBD has been exceptional!! Great timing, amigo! This has been fun!

I challenge @jacinta.sevilla to share 7 days of black and white photos!

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Saya sangat menyukai iformasi tentang memasang foto 7 hari


Saya pikir akan menyenangkan jika Anda melakukannya jika Anda mau! Ini adalah tantangan terbuka. Kenapa kamu tidak mencobanya?

Saya sangat menyukai posting anda


Terima kasih sobat!

Saya selalu bersenang-senang menggunakan penerjemah online yang mencoba mencari tahu apa yang Anda katakan! hahaha

Gotta hand it to you - this is a great photo! 😎


hahaha Good one and thanks @traciyork! It was a sort of last minute get-together that happened with some local steemians.