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This is Leeds castle is located in Kent,England and is one of the nicest castles from the middle ages that still stand to this day.This challenge was inspired by  the castle shows my Defence  @wandimaru  ,  @deanliu@lindagee@nelyp , @w0olf ,  @deisip67  ,  @amy-goodrich ,  @gusvzla ,  @ivymalifred ,  @joslud ,  @betamusic ,  and @kid4life  

 I nominated  @amy-goodrich   


这是利兹城堡位于英格兰肯特郡,是中世纪最古老的城堡之一,至今依然如故。这个挑战来自于@ wandimaru,@deanliu,@lindagee,@nelyp,@ w0olf,@ deisip67 ,@ amy-goodrich,@gusvzla,@ivymalifred,@joslud,@betamusic和@ kid4life

 我提名@ amy-goodrich

  7 black & white images that represent an aspect of your life
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