Seven Days Black and White Challenge - #3

Thanks for nominating me, @schamangerbert!

It´s time for the third pic, so here we go.


Today I would like to nominate @juliane. I hope, you join!


Take 7 black & white photos that represent an aspect of your life
Present one image every day for seven days
No people
No explanation
Nominate someone every day. Although anyone can join in
Use the tag: #sevendaybnwchallenge as one of your five tags


Very nice! This must be an exhausting climb!
Have a good day too !


Oh it was exhausting, really. So we play the same game again? Nepal is very far away from this place. I took it on the way to the highest peak on an island (Madeira).

Wow! You do fly around the world!
You must like packing and unpacking suitcases!! or rugsacks!?
Hahaha! Nice game.


#sevendaybnwchallenge I will be very beautiful picture my specialty

Oh, vielen dank für die Nominierung. Was habe ich denn gewonnen bzw. was muss ich denn nun tun?

Eigentlich nur eine Woche lang jeden Tag ein schwarz-weiß-Foto posten. :) Die einzigen Regeln stehen unter dem Bild, also alles ganz einfach. Freut mich, wenn du mitmachst!