7 Day Beer Challenge - Day 7 - Polish Sour

Day 7 is here...wow, despite being a regular beer drinker, it was still an interesting challenge. It got me to write more, meet more people, and try some beers I would have not otherwise have tried.

I am going out with a bang on this last day, bringing a beer I have never seen before and had little idea how it would taste. This is a beer from a Polish brewery called Lulu located in Wąsosz, Poland ( @polishcraftbeers not too far from you!) It is labeled a “sour” but I wouldn't classify it as a classic sour. It’s not too sour, and has a lower ABV (4.2%), along with flavors that make it a bit more like a Berliner Weisse or Gose style beer.

Right off the bat, I see a few flaws with this beer. Not too disparage the brewers, but there was some traits which I found not suited for my tastes. First, there was way too much carbonation. It took 5 minutes for the beer to settle and the carbonation was like champagne, very fizzy and airy. I don't think it goes along with this style. Second, there was a lot of black currant in this beer, not only making it much darker than usual for the style, but black currants are some of the most tart and acidic fruits there are. The extreme tartness and acidity of this fruit completely rob the nice sour and tart taste that the souring bacteria give to the beer. Those two are clashing here, and what's left is muddled but still overpowering. Third, the grain used is listed as barley malt and oatmeal. These are really odd choices for the style and probably added to the confusion. These styles typically use Pilsner malt which provide the correct body, mouthfeel, and texture to the beer. What I think happened was this is a Berliner Weisse designed to be an experimental fruit sour and it just fell flat.

Sorry, I didn’t meant this to be a beer roast! If you are in the market for something similar, I would recommend trying Leipziger Gose by Gasthaus. Gose (pronounced Go-suh) is a classic sour style originating in Goslar, Germany. The story goes that the water was salty in Goslar, and led to a salty beer. Live bacteria cultures created some sour flavor, all served on a top-fermented Pilsner beer that is light, airy, refreshing. Slightly sweet and sour, with a playful amount of acidity. You get this unique hay-like, earthy, spicy flavor from coriander added when its done right. Salty, sweet, and sour sounds like a bit too much, but it surprisingly well-balanced when done by Gasthaus. This beer nearly went extinct but was recently picked up by American brewers who made much more heavy-handed recipes. I can name dozens of great American Gose bottles, but not sure they come close to the classic recipe by Gasthaus. Made myself thirsty….going to get one!

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Cheers everyone, thanks for joining me on this challenge. Please follow and/or upvote if you enjoyed the post.

I nominate @cryptictruth for the 7 day beer challenge. I like the beers he drinks and want to see more!

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Congrats on finishing the challenge. You chose some very cool ones along the way!

Props on completing your 7 day challenge and being so active. I know a lot of people are slowing down their posting understandably so due to low Steem prices and some slowdowns with the site and some other issues. Keep it up


I can see that, but outside of the potential for financial reward, I have found writing on here to kinda "scratch an itch for me" in that I now have an outlet for talking about beer and other stuff, so regardless of what the price hits, I told myself I will stay loyal by actively posting. We'll see what's going on after a year.



you made it and finished with a pretty unusual beer, way to step way outside your comfort zone. Don't think I will do that on my last one tomorrow. FYI, i just nominated @cryptictruth yesterday for the challenge, so looks like he is on a 14 day bender. Also, maybe you can explain to me how I know someone tags me, I never see anything that alerts me to being tagged.


I just bought my first seven beers last night. It looks like I need to get seven more! I also wish I knew how to get notified when someone tags me in a post.