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Day 31 of #SEVEN77 @nathanmars7.


Because #Amazing #talented #writers tell #stories on #STEEM. Like this #fairytale for example.

#share2steem #SharingIsCaring

External Link : https://partiko.app/arthur.grafo/obsessed-by-the-gray-a-tiny-story?referrer=wakeupkitty

Obsessed by the Gray (a tiny story) - Partiko

In a stone village at the top of the mountain, lived two, who never knew each other, only of each other; and the one… - by @arthur.grafo

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Thank you for your contribution to the strengthening of the community.
#seven77 #STEEM #writers

I thank you for your respond. Happy Saturday 💖

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Wonderful, I agree sharing is caring and that’s beautiful. Congrats on completing day 31. Awesome. Keep it going. Have a great day.

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Thanx. Happy Saturday 💖

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Happy Saturday as well 💜♨️🙌🌙

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